Version1 finalize roster by signing effys as a coach

written by AashirAhmed January 18, 2023 at 3:30am
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A week ago, Version1 unveiled their new VCT 2023 roster centered around two formidable members of the ex-C9W core, alexis and meL. They began 2023 on a high note placing top 32 in the NA Challengers Stage 1 Open Qualifiers, and are looking to retry their luck at qualification into the Main Event with the Last Chance qualifiers this time under the guidance of Loic "effys" Sauvageau.

From competitor to coach

Transitioning from Counter Strike: Global Offensive with significant tournament experience, effys did not have difficulties landing a spot in the tier 1 scene. From initially competing under Gen. G Esports in the early days to being signed to Version1 for VALORANT Champions Tour 2021, effys held his own and persevered through the plethora of roster changes the team had ending his playing career a couple of months ago in the VCT 2022 off-season. Despite having a slightly underwhelming run in 2022 with 5th-6th place in Stage 1 Main Event and no qualification for the Stage 2, he diligently played the role of an Initiator for the team with relatively consistent performances.

Effys isn’t new to the coaching role having done so briefly in CS:GO for LiViD Gaming from January to March 2020. It will, however, be his first stint in VALORANT as a coach but his experience and knowledge of the game should make the acclimation process easy especially with such a talented group of individuals under his wing.

With this announcement, Version1’s VCT 2023 roster is as follows:

DenmarkNicole "Noia" TierceUnited StatesAlexis "alexis" GuarrasiUnited StatesMelanie "meL" CaponeCanadaSarah "sarah" SimpsonCanadaAva "florescent" EugeneCanadaLoic "effys" Sauvageau (Coach)

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