Wave Esports announce new roster

written by ArmandVanHelden September 23, 2022 at 6:6pm
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DACH league competitors, Wave Esports have announced their new roster ahead of the 2023 season. mizuN, bgg, and Click are the members that stayed with the team from last season.

Wave Esports formed a roster around the young Turkish player DeepMans last year but failed to reach their goals. Firstly, their VRL 2022 DACH: Evolution Stage 1 run ended as second, missing the trophy by a hair’s breadth. After a season in which they nearly missed the trophy, Wave failed to get better and even had a worse performance as they failed to make it to the playoffs in the VRL 2022 DACH: Evolution Stage 2.

mizuN, bgg, and Click were a part of the team during VRL 2022 DACH: Evolution Stage 2. After the team’s unsuccessful performances, some were benched and others were moved to the active roster, as covered. Out of these three players, Click had the best stats with a 1.12 rating. mizuN followed him with a 1.08 rating and bgg held a 1.0 rating. Looking at the newcomers, Saiz lastly played for Bloodh0nd gaming and holds a 1.06 rating, maining Sova, Killjoy, and Cypher. Rexon on the other hand was also a part of the Wave organization but he was their academy player. The rookie holds a 0.91 rating since the start of his career.

Wave Esports’ roster for the upcoming season is:

Russian FederationVladislav "Bgg" BoevGermanyHaydem "Click" AliBelarusAliaksandr "mizuN" KatokGermanyRudolfs "Rexon" SvikisSpainDaniel "Saiz" RuizGermanyChristopher "crovex" Mück (Coach) ItalyAlessandro "Tenebra" Marenzi (Coach)


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