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Wygers announce VALORANT roster

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The European VALORANT scene still doesn’t have most of the major organizations, however, the likes of Vodafone Giants, and now, Wygers are all wasting no time in recruiting their VALORANT rosters.

The Spanish organization already boasts 71 players across multiple titles, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Clash Royale. They’ve announced the acquisition of the GigaBaiters roster, home to Jaime “Zackyy2k” Sierra Gonzalez, Victor “vity” Medina, Andreu “Navarrete” Navarro Blasco, Daniel “SirMaza” Maza Moltó, Eric “xHyper” Valcarcel, and Lucas Rojo as their coach.

“Valorant has great potential in the esports scene, and being developed by Riot, we know they take care of their games and improve a lot of the minutiae of the competitive ecosystem. We know that they did a great job with League of Legends, they just need to listen to the audience and we will see a lot of exciting tournaments and competitions,” expressed coach Lucas Rojo towards the potential of Wygers’ VALORANT roster.

Members of the roster have a brief history playing competitive CS:GO, with Victor “vity” Medina having placed fourth in the ESL Major Winter 2016 Spain. As for their VALORANT career, the roster competed in several tournaments under the GigaBaiters banner since the beta, winning King Of The Beta #6 and placing second in the Guardianes GG Series.

“We considered a lot of options but we think that this team is capable of being the best team in Spain. They understood our work ethic and values from the beginning so we hope that by working more than every team in Spain we'll be able to achieve great things in Europe,” commented Jaime “Zackyy2k” Sierra Gonzalez on the GigaBaiters roster joining Wygers.

What do you think of Wygers’ VALORANT roster? Is Spain’s domestic VALORANT competitive scene their path to strong international performances? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

The current Wygers roster consists of:

Jaime “Zackyy2k” Sierra Gonzalez Victor “vity” Medina Andreu “Navarrete” Navarro Blasco Daniel “SirMaza” Maza Moltó Eric “xHyper” Valcarcel

Lucas Rojo (Coach)


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