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ZETA Division start restructuring their roster with 3 new additions

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ZETA Division (previously known as Absolute Jupiter) have today announced their restructuring process with the addition of Yuma "Dep" Hisamoto, Shota "SugarZ3ro" Watanabe and Tenta "ten" Asai. Alongside these 3 new additions, Oshiro "Reita" Ryu was transferred to REJECT on a 1-year loan deal while Ryo "barce" Takebayashi and Miyamoto "makiba7" Akastuki will be focusing on streaming and drop out from the competitive scene.

The organisation had announced back in October that even though they were eligible to participate in the VCT 2021 - APAC Last Chance Qualifier, they will be dropping their slot to another team since they preferred to focus on a restructure of their VALORANT division. The team took this decision after the disappointing results obtained in VCT 2021 - Stage 3 - Masters Berlin - Group Stage after losing both their matches in Group B against KRU Esports and Vivo Keyd ending in last place of their group.

Reita and barce have been with the organization from day one, establishing themselves as the pioneers of the Japan scene winning almost any event they participated in, including First Strike Japan Regional Final. Going in 2021, the team started getting some competition in their region, with mostly Crazy Raccoon fighting them out nail to nail in every VCT Stage. In fact, in Stage 1, Crazy Raccoon won against ZETA Division in the Masters Grand Final and they even won the VCT Stage 2 Challenger Playoffs which included a pass to Masters Reykjavik. In Stage 3, ZETA Division managed to get some payback by winning the Challengers Playoffs themselves over the same Crazy Raccoon.

Coming from REJECT, dep has been more focused on the Duelist role and in the past three months he has an average of 1.21 Rating and 249 ACS. On the other hand, SugarZ3ro and TENNN were transferred over from Northeption and they focus on the Controller role and Sentine role respectively playing agents like Astra, Brimstone, Omen and Killjoy.

With this roster change, ZETA Division include: Kouji "Laz" Ushida Maruoka "crow" Tomoaki Tenta "TENNN" Asai Yuma "Dep" Hisamoto SugarZ3ro Shogo "takej" Takemori

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