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Predictions Contest by THESPIKE.GG
✅ Vote and win some money!

Throughout the First Strike North America - NSG Tournament - Closed Qualifier, we are running the predictions contest on our website. The event is starting today so make sure to hurry up and cast your vote!

? $65
? $25
? $10

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Twitter Announcement:
4 Nov 2020, 15:10 PM
Players Photo Submission Form - OPEN!
It's time to make your Players & Team Pages a little bit fancier!

We've opened a Photo Submission Form with all Guidelines that will help you provide us with the proper photos that will be shown on the website.


10 Oct 2020, 16:22 PM
World Rankings by THESPIKE.GG - NA
After months of officially covering events across the Globe, we are ready to start teasing our sophisticated World Rankings, starting with North America.

#6: Immortals
#9: China Nguyen

Can you guess who are holding the #1-2-3 in order?

Twitter Post:
19 Sep 2020, 17:33 PM
Will China be a dangerous region?
Some of the Chinese organizations (RNG, iFTY, VC Gaming) have started to scout the future VALORANT players even though the game is not out in China yet.

China was not a popular region in CS:GO (TYLOO and ViCi are probably the most well known in the community) but all of this was because another FPS game was way more popular there - Cross Fire.

Do you think VALORANT has a chance to be another big game in that region? Seeing the mentioned organizations famous for their LoL and PUBG teams, I'm sure we will see more and more orgs deciding to join the scene.

The question is if there will be any good rivals from the Chinese region able to compete with the players from EU and NA? What do you think?
19 Apr 2020, 15:05 PM

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