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Introducing KAST metric
ScreaM |
From now on you will see a new metric in a match page overview tab which is named KAST, right after K/D.

What is KAST?
Used also in CS:GO, KAST is a metric that calculates the contribution of each player per round based on the number of rounds they played. It is basically shorthand for KILLS, ASSISTS, SURVIVED and TRADED.

If a player gets:
- a kill or
- an assist or
- survives or
- dies and get traded within 5 seconds

every round, his KAST will be 100%

Future work :
For now you will be able to see this value in a match page for every single map and for every side, both Attacking and Defending. We are currently trying to get as much data from the past as possible to be able to parse this data and generate these values for past matches but RIOT API has a limit till when we can go back so unfortunately not all games will have this data. Eventually we will be starting including this statistic in Player profiles, Stats lists and everywhere we show Players statistics

First match with KAST statistics:
2021-12-07 04:57


2021-12-07 11:30
2021-12-07 12:45
2021-12-07 13:16

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