New Valorant Team Looking for Help on All Fronts
Hello! We are starting a brand new Valorant amateur esports team, and we are currently looking for people who want to get involved as we begin a journey to compete through the ladder of Valorant Esports! We are currently based in the Northeast of the United States, New England to be exact and will look to join open invite tournaments and leagues over the course of the summer. We understand the vagueness without a name or brand present, but as this is a grassroots organization, many of these positions and jobs are currently being filled alongside our roster and coaching staff and are all volunteer positions at the moment. Below you can find a list of all the positions that we have open. If you see any that peak your interest, feel free to find the corresponding Google form to start the application process.

Early on we chose to divide up the responsibilities of a brand new Valorant team, realizing that there are experts in each of these positions that we hope are as passionate as we are in creating an amazing team right here in the Northeast. We hope that you will take a chance at an opportunity to build something special!

Current open positions within the organization:

- 7 open player positions (5 Active, 2 Reserve)
- 2 coaching positions (Head Coach, Assistant/Film Coach)
- 1 branding lead (Either contracted or joining the team)
- 1 social media lead
- 1 game caster
- 1 discord moderator
- 1 admin/scheduler

Check out our discord for application information!

4 months ago


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