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ZETA will not make it to masters 2
f0rsakeN |
I have a strong feeling they will not qualify for masters.... the whole JP region is a fluke...

all randomness coming from that region... no skill whatso ever👎
2022-06-20 13:52


f0rsakeN | apac_jimmy
JP zero team region? maybe yes....
2022-06-20 13:53
Nivera | ciro
Which team in that anime region would beat zeta
2022-06-20 14:01
f0rsakeN | apac_jimmy
maybve crazy racoon or NTH .... it doesnt matter because all JP teams are fluke with fake weeb fans
2022-06-20 14:05
Xander | CalypsoGHC
yo mama
2022-06-22 02:39
I disagree
2022-06-21 14:07
2022-06-21 16:40
f0rsakeN | Delby3838
jp fluke team will soon get destroy by prx
2022-06-23 07:22

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