Biggest ban wave yet in VALORANT

by RkT 2020-05-12

The senior anti-cheat Analyst Phillip Koskinas announced today that 8873 cheaters were banned; it’s the biggest ban wave yet to date.

VALORANT's anti-cheat policy was clear from the beginning and very communicative with the community, trying to explain everything they are doing to stop the cheaters and how Vanguard works. And even though the cheaters didn't wait, the anti-cheat team brings constant updates to Vanguard to keep them in check. The goal of the anti-cheat team is for us as players to find as few cheaters as possible when playing. This is a long term war and to evaluate the results we will have to wait for more. Many streamers and professional players were complaining about such cheaters in high-ranked games from Diamond upwards.

The VALORANT Closed Beta process is a good testing environment with the real world for Vanguard and the Dev Team. This will help Riot Games in launching the official game with a stronger Anti-Cheat later on this Summer.

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