Gen.G bids farewell to Intro

written by Emmanuel_E December 20, 2022 at 1:46am
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On October 21st Gen.G Esports announced its roster heading into the VCT 2023 - Pacific League. They fielded a six-man all-Korean roster, which included well-known talents in the Valorant esports scene. However, earlier today, the multinational esports organization did something even more shocking, announcing their decision to part ways with newly acquired signing Kang "iNTRO" Seung-gyun

With Intro leaving the club, many fans and critics have begun to wonder if the pressure of the looming VCT 2023 season overwhelmed the player.

Many others may question his loyalty, but before joining Gen.G, Kang "iNTRO" Seung-gyun had been on a number of teams in just a single year. The player left Damwon Gaming in Korea after a superb run in the VCT 2022: Korea Stage 1 Challengers, which saw them finish 4th. He then went on to join ENTERFORCE.36, where he struggled to reach the heights he had attained at Damwon Gaming. Soon after, he left for REJECT, where he was a fringe player, playing in most of their matches before becoming inactive for a period of time.

While there is no clear-cut reason for his departure, Gen.G Esports revealed it was a mutual agreement to terminate his contract. With the departure of Intro, the Gen.G lineup for the VCT 2023 Pacific League is:

Korea, Republic ofKim "Meteor" Tae-OKorea, Republic ofKim "Secret" Ha-jinKorea, Republic ofYeom "eKo" Wang-ryongKorea, Republic ofYu "TS" Tae-seokKorea, Republic ofLee "k1Ng" Seung-won

His departure is sure to leave the rest of the players feeling down, especially Secret, who was his former teammate back in Damwon Gaming. With Chris "Elmapuddy" Tebbit's wealth of experience, he will look to get the team refocused for the approaching VCT season.

You can follow all the Pacific League action through our VCT 2023 Hub.


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