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JonahP moves to The Guard from Immortals

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Announced on Twitter by The Guard, Jonah "JonahP" Pulice has joined the team ahead of VCT 2022 after his experience with Immortals since July of this year.

During his stay with Immortals, JonahP has played various roles and agents mainly Jett and KAY/O but has also played with Skye and Reyna as well. The best achievement he got during his stay was winning the Community Gaming Premier Series - Finale in a best of 3 Grand final against Complexity coming all the way from the Lower Bracket. During that event he obtained a 1.12 Rating with 226.1 ACS. Other than that, the closes the team got to a first place was in Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet - October: Dance of the Skulls in which the team finished in 3rd place after winning the 3rd/4th place match against Next-Gen (previously known as The Mafia) in a clean 2-0 fashion. During that event, JonahP had another good show with a 1.19 Rating and 223.3 ACS.

While his new team, The Guard, has played in some events with different players apart from the 3-men core announced in the beginning of November, it seems like the organisation had set eyes on JonahP already. The new player will probably be picking up the Duelist role focusing on Jett since neither of the three signed players have ever played this role with neT focusing on the Sentinel role between Cypher and Killjoy, valyn focusing on Astra and Viper and psalm focusing on the Sova role.

While we wait for the announcement of their last player, The Guard is looking like this: Michael "neT" Bernet Jacob "valyn" Batio Harrison "psalm" Chang Jonah "JonahP" Pulice

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