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MiTH eSports release their VALORANT roster

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Another addition to the string of VALORANT roster releases since the start of 2021 is MiTH.Attitude letting go of their team. Although they managed to achieve tremendous success together, which we will get to in a second, the organization has attributed the separation due to the players wanting to go their separate ways and explore their options.

MiTH.Attitude was arguably one of the best VALORANT teams in Thailand and Asia, and their trophy case definitely vouches for the claim. They have managed to win the First Strike ESL Thailand Championship 2020, proving their dominance over the local scene. Not only that, they finished 2nd in the FPSThailand x Hashtag Battle Rage, the AfreecaTV Asia Invitational Fall, and the AfreecaTV Asia Invitational Winter.

During the team’s tenure under the organization, Thanadol  "newgen" Kitautcharanukul stood out from the rest with his impressive performances, averaging 237 ACS and 143.2 ADR across the registered 1789 rounds. There is no doubt the talent present in each of the players who were part of MiTH.Attitude’s roster.

All of MiTH.Attitude’s former roster, Talunt  "mush2oom" Rattanaprapaporn, Chaiwat  "BOOMBURAPA" Wattatum, Thanaphat  "THEE" Limpaphan, Thanadol  "newgen" Kitautcharanukul, and J9Superfast, are now free agents.

Which one of the players do you think will get picked up first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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