Nora-Rengo welcome the first members of the VALORANT team

by NANA 2020-05-10

The Japanese organization Nora-Rengo is the next one to enter the VALORANT esports on the local scene. Founded in 2016 they had multiple teams under its wings, including Overwatch, Call of Duty, and currently in Rainbow Six: Siege and more. The organization became a well-known name around the world after it’s outstanding run in the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League Season 8 in November 2018 when the squad has beaten the North American Rogue squad and advanced to the semifinals of the competition, becoming the first team from Asia Pacific (APAC) region to face such success. The organization is also known for its charismatic founder, Yasuhiro "Kizoku" Nishi, who was also coaching the R6S squad.

Even though the VALORANT Closed Beta is still not officially available in the Japanese region, it’s not stopping the organization from slowly establishing its brand in the growing esports scene of the newest Riot Games’ FPS title.

Nora-Rengo has decided to reveal the first two members of its newly-established division. The players are Minoru “yasu” Takeda who is a retired CS:GO player and Yuta “UYP” Mima, who was representing Nora-Rengo from 2019 in another game, Call of Duty. UYP most recently played with the Nora-Rengo squad in the qualifiers to represent Japan in the Call of Duty Challengers Spring 2020. As the youngest member of the team, Mima was highly evaluated for his individual skills. There were high expectations for his future growth and success.

“I’ve decided to choose these players to our VALORANT team because all of them have experience in different FPS games, and they already have some achievements on their account. We became recognized for our success on Rainbow Six: Siege scene, and our goal is to achieve the same with our VALORANT squad so we will be able to compete on the international scene. We are also planning to hire a foreign coach, who will lead our team. When it comes to the next members, players that were successful in Overwatch and have a proven track record may join Nora-Rengo,” comments exclusively for THESPIKE.GG Yasuhiro "Kizoku" Nishi, Founder of Nora-Rengo.

As we will need to wait a bit longer for the start of the competition in Japan, we can be sure that the teams on the local scene are aiming for the highest and will be ready to compete with the best teams in the world once time for that will come.

Nora-Rengo lineup consists of:

Minoru “yasu” Takeda Yuta “UYP” Mima


It's always great to have Japanese teams competing, very dedicated players, this is going to be a high level team for sure!
Jeffrey 2020-05-10 05:01

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