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Patiphan: "I'm still not in my best form (due to injury) but will try to do my best in every game"

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With VALORANT Champions getting closer than ever, we sat down with Patiphan  "Patiphan" Chaiwong from X10 Crit to get his thoughts on the tournament and his team’s journey to qualification.

The regionally dominant Thai team comes into Champions hoping to cement themselves as an international force. This is only their second international LAN, their first being a 7th-8th place finish at VCT 2021 - Stage 2 - Masters Reykjavík, and they will no doubt be aiming to go farther this time around.

This is our interview with X10 Crit’s key player Patiphan “Patiphan” Chaiwong who is straight talking and ready to take the stage at VALORANT Champions.

Hello Patiphan, thank you for speaking to us ahead of VALORANT Champions. Firstly we’d like to know the current status of your previous injury which you stated back in July which took you out of VCT Stage Three, are you back to full health and how did it impact you mentally?

Unfortunately, it still hurts. To be honest with this condition I'm currently not in my best form but will try to do my best in every game that we play.

We know your organization’s target was to make it to this event. Now that you’re here, what kind of damage is your team expecting to cause?

We are here to win, so I guess winning against every team is the damage we are expecting to cause.

Your group A bracket pits X10 Crit against the likes of Acend, Vivo Keyd, and Envy. What are your thoughts on this draw? Who do you think will give you the most trouble?

I don't really mind about the draw, because it doesn't matter, we have to face anyone to become Champions. I think Envy is the most difficult team we have in our group.

Patiphan stepping up both in game and on the LAN stage at VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: VCT Masters Reykjavík. Credit Riot Games
Patiphan stepping up both in game and on the LAN stage at VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: VCT Masters Reykjavík. Credit Riot Games

What do you think about the strength of the Thai region in VALORANT esports? Of course, another Thai team in FULL SENSE will also be accompanying you at Champions, how do you expect them to perform at the event?

I'm happy to see another team from Thailand qualify through the Last Chance Qualifier, I just wish them the best.

X10 Crit, like many other teams, will go into Champions having played just one event since Challengers Playoffs in August. Just what kind of an impact has such a lack of competition had on your squad? Has the team’s and Foxz’s playbook changed in any way during this period?

We were always scrimming throughout the whole "break" period, so there is definitely a change in the playbook.

Patiphan, most analysts will be touting you as the star man for the X10 Crit team. Do you agree with this sentiment? How do you deal with increased pressure from international viewers and pundits?

I don't consider myself as a star in our team, it's always a cumulative effort when we're playing. When it comes to pressure I don't really care, I focus on the games we have ahead of us and work with the team to win them.

Group A features top fraggers in cNed, heat, and yay. How do you see yourself in comparison to them and how is your team planning to deal with players like that?

While they are all great players, we don't really plan to focus on a specific player, but we focus on the whole team strategies.

Lastly, will the outcome of Champions affect your decision on your future whether it be playing VALORANT or Overwatch?

No, it will not ;)

We appreciate you giving us this interview Patiphan. Best of luck for Champions.

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