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ScreaM: “Rivalries have to be created so we need to prove ourselves to everybody, not only to G2”

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There aren’t many teams in Europe that can hold a candle to the VALORANT giants G2 Esports right now and many fans thought during the Ignition Series phase that Team Liquid would be the one to challenge the EU superstars.

However, with the exception of the Best In The West showmatch, Liquid, like the other challengers in the region, have never quite been able to tame the G2 beast. Now, after some banter and back and forth on social media, fans are desperate to see a rivalry bloom between the two but TL’s Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom insists that there isn’t a rivalry there yet and taking down G2 isn’t a priority for the team at the moment.

ScreaM also revealed personal challenges he’s faced since linking up with the former fish123 players and what he wants everybody to expect from Team Liquid at First Strike.

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2020-10-12 12:16
ScreaM | dax
2020-10-13 05:12

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