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Sector One reveal VALORANT squad

by maksst 2020-05-25

Sector One is an esport organization established in 2014. They have teams that have competed in League of Legends, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, FIFA, and more. They have few victories on LAN tournaments but are most famous for winning this year’s League of Legends Belgian National Championship.

When THESPIKE.GG asked their management, who players refer to as “Jerry”, why he decided to work with Sector One, he told us that “The team is very autonomous. We worked with Sector One before. We’ve also worked with each other before. Sector One is a big name in the Benelux scene so the decision was rather easy.”

With its headquarters in Belgium, they are looking for the best talents from their own country and Netherlands. VALORANT’s roster will contain four players from the Netherlands - Jerre “Dynz” van den Berg, Kenneth “bluEZ” Ross, Dyon “d0n” Noorman, Robbert “ROBBERd” Poel - and one player from Belgium - Jasko “Cozje” Berbic. There’s no defined team captain and in-game Cozje and bluEZ do the shot-calling. The VALORANT roster was playing Battalion 1944, but after it’s scene went inactive, they decided to give a try in the new Riot Games title. In 2019 all players were in Battalion 1944’s team where they competed in tournaments like Epic LAN in Kettering, Victory LAN in Gent or Fragadelphia in Los Angeles. They had no fifth member back then, but while playing Battalion 1944, they got to know d0n who was a former competitive Apex Legends player and decided that he was up for the task. Dynz, bluEZ, and ROBBERd have been friends for over 8 years and played Call of Duty 4 together in different teams, while Cozje made his name known by winning E-Series KaoS LAN #2 CoD4 tournament back in 2011.

Currently team players are already happy with how the VALORANT closed beta is steadily evolving and they have high expectations: “The sky's the limit. It’s a new game with a lot of challenges and it’ll take some time before a pro-scene really emerges. For now, Sector Ones’ and the teams’ focus is on participating in as many tournaments we possibly can.” They are aware though that to reach for the stars, first, they have to prove themselves in local tournaments and their biggest goal, for now, is to “Be the top spot in the Benelux region,” explains Jasko “Cozje” Berbic.

Sector One’s had already successes in the Battalion 1944 scene and their players not only are good friends, but also are experienced in FPS games like CoD4, so we are very excited to see them fulfilling their goal by dominating the Benelux region.

Sector One line-up consists of:

Jerre “Dynz” van den Berg Kenneth “bluEZ” Ross Dyon “d0n” Noorman Robbert “ROBBERd” Poel Jasko “Cozje” Berbic


these guys will need LOTS of training to get on the level of most teams, Battalion 1944 was not competitive at all...
2020-05-26 03:35
Benelux delivering in Valorant! Welcome! :D
2020-05-29 11:17

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