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  • VALORANT player count
    VALORANT player countVALORANT has a lot of players logging into the game each day. THESPIKE.GG breaks down the player count statistics.
  • VALORANT rank checker
    VALORANT rank checkerRanks prove how good a player is at VALORANT and you can use a rank checker to find out other players' ranks.
  • Breach VALORANT
    Every Breach Voice Line in ValorantBreach has some awesome voice lines, and the actor behind him does a great job, but what are they? You can find out every Breach voice line in this article!
  • Kitana VALORANT Knife
    Everything you Need to Know About the Kitana Knife in VALORANTThe Kitana knife is one of the coolest knives in the whole of VALORANT, but how do you actually get it, and what even is it? Well this is everything you need to know about the Kitana knife in VALORANT!
  • Sheriff with Hollow Circle Crosshair VALORANT
    How to get a Hollow Circle Crosshair in VALORANTSome people love circle crosshairs, but without the middle filled in, well that is what we have for you today, how to get a hollow circle crosshair in VALORANT!
  • Grim Crosshair with a Sheriff
    How to get Grim’s Crosshair in VALORANTGrim’s crosshair in VALORANT is a great crosshair to copy if you want to copy a pro player, and this is exactly how you can get it, along with the crosshair import code!
  • Sinatraa crosshair VALORANT
    Sinatraa crosshair VALORANTSinatraa, an ex-Sentinels player and now one of the most famous VALORANT content creators, has a unique croshhair and today we will show you the sinatraa crosshair in VALORANT!
  • VALORANT Player Card
    VALORANT Player CardDo you want to know what a VALORANT player card is? We have all the information you need in this guide!
  • Tarik crosshair VALORANT
    Tarik crosshair VALORANTTarik is one of the most famous VALORANT content creators and today we will show you the mighty Tarik crosshair in VALORANT!