THESPIKE.GG partners with VALORANT Mildom Masters Japanese tournament

written by Mostafeto August 13, 2020 at 11:2am
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We have seen incredibly impressive performances from VALORANT players in the Japanese scene, with ZETA DIVISION winning both Ignition Series tournaments organized so far in the region, the RAGE VALORANT JAPAN INVITATIONAL and the RAGE VALORANT JAPAN TOURNAMENT. In both tournaments, we saw Lag Gaming finish in the top three teams, which proves they are definitely contenders and are on Absolute JUPITER’s tail for sure. The latest tournament coming to the Japanese region is VALORANT Mildom Masters, with a ¥2,500,000 prize pool, which translates to roughly $23,400 or €20,100.

VALORANT Mildom Masters follows a Round Robin format, followed by playoffs for the top placing teams. There are eight teams participating in the tournament, namely ZETA DIVISION, SCARZ, REJECT, CYCLOPS athlete gaming, Sengoku Gaming, FAV gaming, SunSister Rapid, and ConnectGaming. Each team will play once a week in a best-of-one series, every Thursday, starting from August 20th, 2020 to October 1st, 2020.

The top four placed teams from the Round Robin stage will move on to the playoffs, kicking off on October 8th, 2020 with a best-of-one match between the 3rd and 4th placed teams to determine who is playing the runner-up. The 1st placed team from the Round Robin matches will move on directly to the Grand Finals on October 15th, 2020, playing whoever wins from the 2nd seeded team and the winner of the 3rd and 4th matchup. Both of the latter matchups will be best-of-three series to give us exciting and competitive VALORANT performances.

“I am very glad that we could announce VALORANT Mildom Masters. Mildom is a brand-new platform. We would like to contribute to making a basis for Japanese players by our platform so that they can achieve success worldwide. It is just a beginning. Please support us to make a dream come true,” stated Keisuke Shimizu, Mildom’s Esports Director.

All the tournament matches will be streamed on Mildom’s streaming platform, alongside Twitch. THESPIKE.GG is the official partner for the VALORANT Mildom Masters, so stick around for all your event coverage needs, statistics, win rates and much more.

Do you think Absolute JUPITER will continue their dominance over the domestic Japanese VALORANT scene or will we see a new team emerge to overthrow them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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