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Wardell: “I try to study Mixwell a little bit, he does some things that I didn’t even know were possible”

by yinsucollins 2020-07-10

TSM have already established themselves as one of the best North American VALORANT teams and at the heart of it is their superstar AWPer Matthew “Wardell” Yu. The former CS:GO player was a stand out at the Ignition Series' T1 x NSG Showdown and despite already being dubbed as one of the best NA players, Wardell preaches the importance of staying humble.

Not only that, he revealed to us that he’s been keeping an eye on the competition from other regions - in particular, G2 Esports’ Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas Coloch and has even confessed to learning a trick or two from the Spanish AWPer.


2020-07-10 00:09
great mind set out of wardell
2020-07-10 00:53
2020-07-10 01:15
TSM are going to run VALORANT for at least a couple of months imo
2020-07-10 01:15
is it just me that I find it unprofessional of wardell to drink all the time during the interview?

great interview nonetheless
2020-07-10 06:35
Ye same for me. But I think it annoys me because he uses a jerrycan to drink, instead of some subtle glass.
2020-07-10 09:20
WARDELL is arguably one of the best Jett players at the moment if not one of the best players in general. His hunger to win will keep him at the top for much longer I assume.
2020-07-16 02:58
he is cringy. Jesus
2020-07-25 00:23

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