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Is anyones else predictions for challengers 3 open qual completely bugged? all of the wins I have are bugged as losses (for example i chose c9 white over shoguns, it says c9 white won 2-0 but says "your prediction for Time in was incorrect" a completely diff team.

2021-02-25 19:54


This has happened to me too! I hope they casn fix it.

It seems the predictions no longer align with the game.
2021-02-25 20:08
i will check this tomorrow guys, don't worry
2021-02-25 20:34
curry | el_nummer_2004
It works for me
2021-02-25 20:37
This happened to me too.
2021-02-26 04:34
I believe the problem is this:

You guys voted on a match which had team X vs Y but since NSG re-shuffled the bracket due to 1 top 10 team dropping out (Dignitas), matches where changed and that didn't reset your votes.

Unfortunately we will have to invalidate the votes for these matches and make it like you didn't vote on any team. Will be working on this today and keep you updated :)
2021-02-26 06:29
thanks mate!
2021-02-26 10:07
Has this been fixed yet, I dont think so it has been
2021-02-27 01:23
nope, beem very busy sorry. will try and do it today
2021-02-27 01:47
Alright Thanks
2021-02-27 01:49
It's fixed now Thanks.
2021-02-27 03:39
I see a lot of good predictions in the comments but one really underrated prediction is C9 Blue with their new roster. I'm personally a c9 fan and I want my team to do good of course but do you think they can qualify? I think they can. Lmk what you guys think about the 6 man roster and how it's been working out for them.
2021-02-26 17:57
Also yes the bug happens to me too lol
2021-02-26 17:58
I havn't got to watch them much recently as the new squad but as individuals they're all top tier. It'll come down to how they execute as a team. Considering Challengers 3 Qual has a weaker pool than 1 & 2 this is their best chance at the moment. They have the potential to be contenders forsure. The 6 man roster is an interesting idea but is still so new in Valorant that it's hard to say if it will become commonplace in the scene.
2021-02-26 18:16
We should have nulled all the votes on the matches that had teams changed in the First Round of the NA Open Qualifier #3
2021-02-27 03:26

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