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Who is the next CS star in Valorant
curry |
Just like. Who is gonna leave CS for Val next?
2021-03-02 14:20


i want to see stewie2k on tsm so bad but i doubt that will happen. Liquid Csgo has been doing really well against Eu teams recently
2021-03-02 14:35
stanislaw is my bet
2021-03-02 15:04
G2 Jackz
2021-03-02 23:11
pashaBiceps | MAXINITY_
some na n00b
2021-03-03 09:12
Oh my god, I was hoping that people like you would not appear on this site, but you got here too, it's sad
2021-03-04 07:11
curry | el_nummer_2004
Yea. Me to.
2021-03-04 10:32
curry | el_nummer_2004
So sad to see these kind of guys
2021-03-04 10:32
i honestly believe fer wil. he never fully retired, but must be hungry for a new challenge
2021-03-04 05:52
TACO will become top 1 of 2021 in valorant
2021-03-08 11:49
curry | el_nummer_2004
Who want some TACO 😜
2021-03-08 12:26

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