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TSM Roster changes?
Subroza |
what do u guys think ?
2021-03-06 14:02


I'm not too sure if it'll be roster changes, manangement (like coaches) changing, roles swapping, but I definetly think something will happen
2021-03-06 14:13
something definitely need changing, from being top 2 to dropping out of top 8 is bad imo
2021-03-06 14:17
i think they gotta switch IGL roles at the very least, they dont seem to be winning based on coordination, just duels. If they arent hitting shots they arent gonna win. IF anyone is cut tho unfortunately it might be cutler
2021-03-06 15:50
Subroza | Pyzuzu
i feel like cutler is not worthy of being on TSM active roster look at NRG , Faze ,Sen,ENVY , eeiu,crasies sinatra rawkus they always frag out TSM needs a Sova who can frag and clutch.Drone's performence has been shaky lately so idk too
2021-03-06 17:39
I mean there is a pretty good unsigned Sova who was top 4 last ACT. His name starts with C and ends with 0M. I dunno man I just be crazy, but a Sova who can frag nice would be pretty good.
2021-03-06 19:30
Subroza | Pyzuzu
com is a content creator bruh lmao
2021-03-06 20:31
Wut? The guy played pro and wants to play again. He can def cut it on top tier team, so I really don't know how you got content creator.
2021-03-06 23:17
Subroza | Pyzuzu
bro are we comparing com with the names above ? u funny cmon stop playing Lux

2021-03-07 06:04
Yes, Yes I am. He is heavily underrated.
2021-03-07 10:18
Subroza | Pyzuzu
ok he might be good but not worthy of TSM maybe andbox but not TSM

2021-03-07 10:54
You maybe surprised, but we'll just have till he proves himself on the server again. He just needs one shot and if he gets it I believe he'll be top 15-10 in no time.
2021-03-07 11:04
Subroza | Pyzuzu
cmon man this is not a fanboy club were going based on stats g
2021-03-07 12:20
Well if we want to look at stats, cool. ACS 220, KD 1.07, and 4th best clutch percentage out of any Sova main. Now are the stats DROP DEAD TOP 1 BEST EVER, no. Are they solid and consistent, yes.
2021-03-07 13:10
Subroza | Pyzuzu
these stats are against puggers lmao its tier 3 valolrant mate
2021-03-07 13:20
Regardless, a more proactive Sova player would be huge, ala genghsta, sinatraa, crashies - I don't know who that would be though. But I'm pretty sure C0M hadn't become a Sova main yet when he played with Complexity.
2021-03-07 13:42
He switched between Sova and Omen when he was on Complexity
2021-03-07 14:05
Those stats are against Cloud 9, Renegades, Immortals, Envy, Luminosity, GenG, and Equinox + the pug teams. Please do some research before you type a reply. Welp I'm done with this thread because I've spent too much time defending a person when I don't need to. Bye
2021-03-07 14:09
i personally dont like subroza on omen, i liked when he was playing duelist but thats just my opinion i dont really know
2021-03-06 22:23
I feel you bro. they are definitely experimenting with their comp lately . Subroza has not been bad at all on omen . it all comes down to team balance . Hopefully he will be on a duelist soon .
2021-03-07 01:42
Subroza | sajana2002
if subroza is going to play duelist he needs to be on pnx...i feel like he is the only duelist roza is consistant with...and i also feels like the reason roza is back on form is cuz he switched to play phantom on tournis...just my personal opinion
2021-03-07 02:51
Yeah that is the problem right now. Subroza and drone are equally good on phoenix , someone has to play a different agent.
2021-03-07 03:06
i think they just need to find some form as a team. Roza has been slowly coming back into the god entry he was when the game was fresh
2021-03-06 22:35
I don't think they need any roster changes . if anything that needs to be changed , its the tactics. They seem to win matches easily when they win gunfight duels. Tailored tweeted they are gonna be coming up with brand new shit. let's see
2021-03-07 01:38
TSM are poo right now, they try new things every single tournament and even switch in the middle. While flexibility is good, it just doesn't make sense when they try it in real matches.
2021-03-07 15:42
Hiko | SpiritEmperor
Being flexible is indeed good, but the application is bad. They try things on tournaments that matter the most, which is pretty sad if they got stomped.
2021-03-09 05:30
Cutler out; Vanity in.
2021-03-09 02:53
Subroza | Pyzuzu
2021-03-11 05:46
Imo If tsm is going to change something, it should be first to get a proper IGL, some big brain nerds like Fns or Steel else in no time TSM valorant rooster will be blown away. And Cutler is good but he's not like other sova players like crashies, sinatra, hiko, eeiu but I also don't find someone in market for TSM.
2021-03-09 07:10

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