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How can TSM be fixed?
TSM! Lookin bad right now. They have an arsenal of problems regarding their recent performances, and are definitely falling out of the Tier 1. So lets speculate! What do you think TSM should do to set them on the right track?
2021-04-05 13:45


If I had to go from their recent match, I think that there are a handful of indvidual mistakes. However, the most glaring issue is that TSM were slow to punish aggressive pushes. Get them to look at the tape to make them realize that they should be trading when players like Shot_Up go kill. These games were not close because TSM were always put into a 3v5 on their attacking half. TSM don't feel coordinated and starting to look like a slightly better version of T1.
2021-04-05 13:55
TSM was so good in the OP meta not just because of wardell, but because their playstyle was so good for it too. They used utility really well to flush out enemy OPs and they were good at breaking line of sight. At the end of the day, even if that failed, wardell could get away with agro peaking an op and winning the duel. Now that the op god nerfed and teams are saving utility for later on in the rounds, TSM is struggling to adapt to that new meta. If the OP comes back, I think they will too. Until then, idk bruh
2021-04-05 14:45
Yeah. I'm not much of a TSM simp but it hurts to watch
2021-04-05 15:37
Apparently in scrims between NV and TSM they won recently, maybe a new lineup? I think the main issue they've had is someone doesn't feel at home on the lineup, maybe with brax on sentinel it will work out better. Personally I think viper is a must have on icebox and bind after watching soniqs/renegades. I'm just praying they've found the right lineup.
2021-04-07 16:07
how can you know about scrims results?
2021-04-07 17:00
maybe from a reddit thread?
2021-04-07 17:49
screenshot from dicey looking @ friends list as well as FNS tweet
2021-04-08 16:44
I mean they just got a new player but yes hopefuly they will tighten things up and develop new strats.
2021-04-05 16:05
Yeah we be hoping for now :(
2021-04-05 16:27
all their players appear to be slackin except wardell he is just carrying his team lmao. subroza was such a good rifler but he barely gets any picks on others now. after first strike all their players are underperforming. imo they need like a vacation or smtng lol
2021-04-05 23:34
I mean my take is that their vacation after First Strike really screwed them
2021-04-05 23:41
yea they need to get motivation to practice etc.
2021-04-06 14:54
Cutler is the igl so I know he shouldn't be the one killing everyone. But if he's barely getting double digits and the strats aren't working anymore maybe a change could be coming.
2021-04-06 09:18
Well I can't see anyone else be igl in TSM. Maybe bring in Myth to personally whip them to shape.
2021-04-06 09:37
paTiTek | tamas1n
yeah i feel like the strats are their biggest issue right now, their coordination is very poor as well. TBH they might have to just build a new roster around brax and wardell, maybe keep subroza as well but the rest has to go.
2021-04-08 10:27
Brax could IGL
2021-04-08 14:51
its very simple, Cutler brings the team down with his awful mechanics(honeslty, just play hazed as an IGL, atleast he still got aim), Drone and Subroza arent as special anymore cause teams are catching up to them aim-wise and they cant coast off pure mechanics anymore, they need to replace Cutler and atleast Drone, cause they bring nothing special to the team and try to get in younger players with more unique characteristics that let them play a more tactically sound game, they always over relied on mechnics(they were the triple duelist comp team, if thats not a tell towards their problems, then idk what it is) and now they are getting exposed for their lazyness in tactics
2021-04-06 15:00
Intresting. I haven't really thought that Drone would be a problem until now. You bring up a good point! Like you said, maybe some young blood is what this roster needs to bring in new ideas on how to approach the game, suggesting that Cutler could be failing to facillitate that process.
2021-04-06 15:11
i dont think theres a problem with drone and subrozas aim, at the moment i think its a major lack in confidence that is resulting in them losing aim duels.
2021-04-06 21:11
Version1 cgz
They need a proper IGL - maybe dephh in place of cutler?
They need a new coach - idk any coaches atm but there's probably some out there.
I'd also like to see Subroza back on Omen, I don't think he carries much value/impact on a duelist.
2021-04-06 16:13
Yeah Subroza on Pheonix was kinda awkward for me because I'm so used to Drone playing him.
2021-04-06 19:00
Version1 cgz
yeah it was a little weird but drone also looked much better on sova than he did on pheonix, at least compared to his more recent pheonix matches.
2021-04-06 19:06
Agreed. It's great seeing him diversify his agent pool rather than seeing him on pheonix all the time.
2021-04-06 19:09
MAybe pheonix shuould be replaced with Raze. Raze has more utilities to use than pheonix.
2021-04-07 22:13
Yeah that might be a viable replacement. Pheonix looks good on paper but doesn't live up as much as it should be.
2021-04-07 22:57
Subroza | Pyzuzu
i feel like they need to stop playing with 2 duelists every map because thats what they always did ,its predictable , i feel like cutler doesnt add anything to the team they should get a proper igl idk , lets put subroza on omen hazed on sage or viper (depends)brax can play like kj or cypher drone on either sova or breach and wardell on jett probably for the best.i feel like when subroza and hazed igled they always get good results .
so Brax on sentinels he s a lurker
wardell on duelist
subroza is a controller
drone initiator/support
hazed 2ndcontroller or 2nd sentinel or 2nd initiator
2021-04-06 18:05
Yeah I think Subroza should be igl because he carries in the hype that can really boost morale when TSM needs it. And since you think that he should be Omen, then him being igl will be fantastic because he can be active in shot calling with his smokes (I'm thinking of Angel of FPX rn)
2021-04-06 19:03
Subroza | Pyzuzu
yeah exactly like gmd and Ange1 the brai n lmao
2021-04-07 13:52
More of the hype than the brain
2021-04-07 14:22
Everyone is saying thta tsm should make roaster changes when in my opinion they should just try to adapt to the meta and make strats that work to the meta we are playing in. They should also set some roles and stick with em, i dont think seeing Subroza on the Omen, then on the raze then on the phoenix in 3 different tourneys is helping!
2021-04-07 17:04
Yeah they should stick to a comp that works best for them and slowly make improvements to set up their fraggers for success. I think astra from them was a bad idea because they weren't using her as well compared to other NA teams. I think if they stick with their comfort comp then Wardell can feel less obligated to play this super weird passive jett.
2021-04-07 17:48
dude tsm jus needs confidence imo. one good tourney result and they will be back . confidence is so imp for players like wardell who is so good on the aggresive op if he is feeling it and subroza who tends to be the x factor for tsm cuz when he pops off tsm look unstoppable. Personally i feel changing the roster even more wont help with their chemistry issues .
2021-04-08 12:18
That is true. NRG is having that issue with their recent roster changes
2021-04-08 13:38
TSM DOWN BAD! They used to be one of the top 3 N/A teams and are now some hot ass
2021-04-09 00:16
True, they used to be so good going into first strike talking all this crap about how them losing to 100T was a fluke... now it seems they cannot even handle any top tier teams. TSM DOWN REAL BAD.
2021-04-09 00:19
I mean they do have good players but they don't seem to be in sync with each other
2021-04-09 09:33
As much as it hurts me to say because Im fkn older its just a realization you gotta come to at some point you just wont be able to keep up with kids.. Cutler is 32 and just isnt constantly performing at a high level anymore - It is 100% okay to not have top frags ever, there are more support roles, but I feel like he just isn't at the same level as his team anymore.

Im not saying its his fault they havent been winning, Im just saying they are a professional team that wants to be tier 1 from a major org they can and should strive to get together 5-6 guys that can win consistently.. they definitely shouldnt be a team that somehow its noteworthy they beat NV in scrims. TSM early on you kinda just figured they would win unless it was against Sentinels.
2021-04-09 11:17
The inevitable truth of esports right there
2021-04-14 10:37
I think TSM was good in the early days because they were the first that found a strat that worked on every map. Look I think individually TSM is still a good team with great players, but if you have a look at their roster(s). They went with something that didn't work. Subroza on a controller when he was clearly a duelist is a great example. They went from the "2 duelist meta" to a new comp that had 3 duelists and hell they reached the first strike finals. Then they tried skye, hasn't worked for them so far. They have Brax now. Hope they can make it work
2021-04-16 17:39
I think if subroza play Skye's flashes like Pheonix it could work
2021-04-16 18:44

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