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EU > NA (Challengers Finals Schedule)
Okay, the title is definitely click bait but hear me out.

EU's Challenger Finals Schedule played over two weeks was much better than NA's frantic one weekend finish.

EU did not allow one bad day to ruin a team's chances. No team was faced with an elimination game the exact same day that they lost their first series. Every team got at least 24 hours to reset their mental before the next series. In fact, no team played more than one series in a single day.

NA's schedule gave XSET less than 15 minutes to prepare against Envy in the lower bracket on day 1. 100T and NRG both went from upper semi's to out in the span of 4 hours. The mental toll that multiple series days has on a team harms the competitive integrity of the tournament. Less time to rest, reset, and prepare for the next match.

Maybe this doesn't change the results and that's fine, but it would be interesting to hear the pro's thoughts on this.

With Brazil and LATAM not finishing until this weekend, there is no reason why NA could not have used another weekend to ensure that teams could be their best for each series played. The one series that I think this affects most is C9 and V1 to decide Iceland. V1 was on a high from beating Envy and C9 had to recover from losing a close series to Sen. I believe a day break could have made a difference.

I am not trying to be salty about the results, I am just perplexed as to how the schedule can be justified from a competitive stand point when the stakes are so high.

2021-05-03 12:07


Agreed, not sure how it would work from a tournament organizer perspective, but it makes a lot more sense than having teams potentially playing 6 maps back to back with little to no downtime
2021-05-03 12:38
NA was in a rush to broadcast all matches back to back because I feel like they were scared to lose viewers or something, I am a 100T fan and feel bad for every NA team who had to play 2 or 3 matches in 1 day it makes no sense.
2021-05-03 13:24
It was almost too much Valorant for me to watch in one sitting. I can't sit there for 9 hours switching between two streams. I ended up watching a lot of matc hhighlights on youtube for parts that I missed. EU had two matches a day at most.
2021-05-03 15:05
stream was bad too. most of the times the audio or UI would be out of sync and sometimes the stream would be laggy too
2021-05-03 13:47

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