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POH (Players of Honour) [EU] Esports is looking for you
Hey Guys my name is Joe (Joeofalltrades) i'm a twitch streamer and i am also the founder of POH Esports.

We are looking for players wanting to join our roster and compete in tournaments, scrims and to have fun. We are extremely flexible on how many people want to join as we are also looking for internal scrims and pairs, triples, quads and full teams are also very welcome.

POH Blue and Green

Platinum and Diamond Rank Tourneys and Scrims

1 Scrim day a week and match days when available

Mic and communication

POH White (streamer)

Gold Rank tourneys and scrims but with emphasis on ranked gameplay

Casual Scrims and match days

Mic and communication

If you want to play please DM me on discord Joe_ofalltrades#6379 and we will get a quick interview in

What we offer

A great community, equal payouts between players from tournaments, POH will organise games and scrims so you can focus on gameplay, Complete equality between genders, creeds, Races and all walks of life

Hope to see you there ;D
2021-05-04 03:13


2021-05-04 03:45

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