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gold I - plat I
ScreaM |
players that want to develop teamwise and skillwise , and go up on the rank system . feel free to speak up

(european countries)
2021-05-15 18:57


hello my fellow mate from portugal
you need players to rank up from gold? cause im tired of going solo and always get random trollers and toxic players
just deranked from plat to gold 1 in less then a week cause of random players
wanna play some games?
2021-05-16 09:36
yo not to be toxic or anything at all, but, from my own experience i think that till diamond 2 you will be able to rank up basically only with good performances by you to carry your team, so stop thinking that you only losing because of teammates and try to improve your mechanics!
2021-05-17 09:06
ScreaM | rafaelgamer2003
yea thats kinda true , but lately im getting so many trollers and throwers too ....
2021-05-17 09:47
I always fill in, never instalock duelists. Thats why im mostly playing sage/brim/sova. When u soloq and u have teammates like duelists who are only baiting and holding flanks, support agents who never use their shit in important situations, or just players who literally dont want to communicate, then its almost impossible for me to carry every game. Sure i could just outaim my opponents and drop 30bombs every game, but i rather do good calls and smart utility usage. Doesnt really help tho with things i said before.
2021-05-18 14:04
ScreaM | rafaelgamer2003
i hate persons that instalock duelists , they are never capable of playing the duelist role . i feel like i have more 1st bloods than duelists , and i never play with duelists . (cypher,astra,viper,omen) . last 10 games , i won only 1 . in that 10 games i was mvp of the team for most of the matches while playing with sentinels and controllers ...
and now i deranked from gold II to silver II . i feel like this game is so unbalanced , like I was global and faceit level 8 on cs , i outaimed and outplayed most of the players but in this game ..... i can only outplay but not out aim them
2021-05-18 18:29
im sorry dude but in my opinion in valorant is almost impossible for someone to solo carry unless you are smurfing
if i go with some iron friends yes i can solo carry the game but playing in my elo its just impossible even if u do 30 kills every game u wont win the game because there is always that troller or toxic kid ruining the game
2021-05-23 09:47
until last act it was fine to play solo actually but this act i dont know why but its like the game is full of trollers and toxic players and smurfs in every game
at least its my experience so far in this act and i guess its not only kme with that opinion
2021-05-23 09:49
ScreaM | rafaelgamer2003
write your name , then i add you
2021-05-17 09:46
Pz Sabino #EUW

sorry for the delay but didnt come to the site this week
add me and we will play a few games i have some friends to come too but we dont always have a stack of 5 to full premade
2021-05-23 09:45
ScreaM | rafaelgamer2003
added you
2021-05-29 10:11
accepted ;)
2021-05-29 14:44
ScreaM | rafaelgamer2003
ok , a que horas costumas jogar ? esta merda anda fodida , estou sempre solo queue e é quase todas as partidas um troller e um baiter ..... instalock duelists .....
2021-05-30 06:10
durante a semana jogo um ou dois jogos ao almoço e depois e noite a dentro a jogar
fim de semana é desde o almoço ate nao aguentar mais
se quiseres passamos te o discord no jogo e apareces la para jogar com o pessoal
2021-05-30 09:44
Tens slot para +1? :)
2021-05-30 13:38
ScreaM | rafaelgamer2003
adiciona ai sff madje#0620
2021-06-02 08:00
Yo, still looking for people?
2021-05-30 13:00
always... rank?
2021-05-30 13:49
Plat 2 at the moment, haven't played since 1st rank release (act 1 season 1? - ended in Plat 3) so rusty af, lots of new stuff/agents in the game 😅
2021-05-30 14:01
adiciona me tens ai o meu nome em cima depois uma pessoa junta se
2021-05-30 16:24
Tranquilo, depois dou-te add, thanks!
2021-05-30 16:52
ScreaM | rafaelgamer2003
qual é o teu nome ???
2021-06-02 08:00
z #2700

eu tentei adicionar o teu em cima e nao deu
2021-06-05 07:56

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