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steel next team?
who do you think he will join since he's rumoured to be leaving 100T?

i think i see him quite well in Version1 considering they are in LCQ + vanity (ex-IGL) left to C9B
2021-09-26 10:50


Version1 is getting Oderus
2021-09-26 16:27
if 100T win LCQ and have a decent/amazing performance in the Champions Dec, Steel probably won't play.
We could see him in C9B, cause that roster is currently made of the ex-CHAOS esports roster which did wonders in CS with Steel as their IGL
So yeah they could bench Mitch (who is honestly not that good) and take in Steel
2021-09-28 22:19
I usually reply people who think steel will end up at C9B but you have got a very interesting point and I agree to it.
2021-09-29 09:46
high chances of it happening tbh... nitr0 is an amzing igl. He was on the biggest stages of CS majors competing against teams like Astralis and NaVi whereas Steel was mainly in the t2 scene. b0i having cracked aim reakky brings this team together.
So yeah high chances of C9 steel especially if C9 lose their match against GenG
2021-10-01 02:48
2021-10-01 02:49
2021-10-05 03:09
china namba wan🚀
2021-10-05 03:13

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