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First Rank?
What rank did yall place today? Was Gold 2 during beta and placed Gold 3 today. Plat inc. ?
2020-06-25 17:30


Placed D3! :D

But also ending the day at D3 lmao so we'll see how tomorrow goes.
2020-06-25 20:40
c4Lypso | m1nac
Need 1 more game to place :)
2020-06-25 21:22
I got placed D3 but a few matches after I was IMT2.
2020-06-26 03:04
plat 2
2020-06-26 03:06
c4Lypso | m1nac
Placed D1.
2020-06-26 05:12
xand | cDollynho
Placed Gold 2
2020-06-26 05:50
so far my games went horrible hahaha, played only 3 ranked ones so far.
in the first one a guy left after like 4 rounds, so we lost like 13-9, then in the 2nd one we got totally rekt and the 3rd game just crashed and disconnected everyone for some reason.
2020-06-26 07:00
Same for me. I played my placements and they went terribly.. My performance wasn't that bad, but wasn't good either.. ended up going 0-4 before winning my last placement and getting Silver 2 (after being bronze in beta).
2020-06-26 07:10
My matches got better today hahaha
I think that once we got out from that ~unranked - bronze we were getting good teammates as well, people actually talked and weren't toxic, they also had somewhat decent aim.
I was silver 2 in Beta as well, got ranked as silver 1 with my friend, who got iron 1 lmao, after the 6th ranked match I ranked up so we couldn't play together anymore, so we stopped playing and went back to CS.
Overall I'm pretty happy with my progress since Beta.
2020-06-27 07:14
Nice job. Yeah, I hit Gold 1, so my next step is working up from there. I'm not good, but I'm trying. It's been varied on whether I get teammates with comms or not, but when I do, it's been pretty good.
2020-06-28 14:05
Was Imm2 in beta, played 5 placement matches that were ALL impossible to carry, lost all 5 and got plat 1 LMAO
2020-06-26 19:09
c4Lypso | m1nac
looool. So unfortunate! GL!
2020-06-27 00:10
plat 3 ?
2020-06-26 21:45
plat 1
2020-06-27 06:34
silver 3, i did alright with and against golds then the next game i got placed with silvers and against silvers and i went 26-17 and i lost 11-13 ?
2020-06-27 07:47
gold 3 after some bad promos but am plat 2 now
2020-06-27 12:08
c4Lypso | m1nac
Nice climb! keep it up
2020-06-27 12:09
I placed Silver in beta, then climbed to Diamond 2 (using friends account). Made a new account when the game came out, went 4-1 in placements and got placed Diamond 2, can't complain.
2020-06-27 13:02
Lost four placement games in a row, won the last one, placed plat2. Felt worse than unrated for sure. Elo is all over the place.
2020-06-27 16:35
got gold 3, then went on a 5 win streak that took me to plat 2, today went on a 4 losing streak and back to plat 1
2020-06-28 02:18
gold 2 now plat 1
2020-06-28 20:20
Placed gold 2. Diamond 3 atm
2020-06-28 23:21
vanity | Okay
i havent been able to play the full release ranked but in the beta i got iron 3
2020-06-29 05:17
During placements, I didn't play to my potential but got ranked Plat 1
2020-06-29 15:14
Placed D2.
2020-06-29 15:18
D1 now D3
2020-06-30 05:41
finished d1
2020-07-01 10:56
Gold 1
Wall #9191 add me
2020-07-01 18:54
I went silver 2 because of my ping and when my internet came back I jumped to gold 3 in just a day
2020-07-01 22:27

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