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Riot's Chat and Voice Restrictions-Discussion-Thoughts?
steel |
Lately, I noticed that I have been hopping into ranked games with a quiter team than usual. Most of the time, my ears are assaulted by tolerable profanity and some decent banter, but lately the pre-game has been dead silent. Getting into the game and calling out a few rounds with no reply often prompts me to ask why nobody is calling out, or contributing vocally.

Typically what happens, is that I go through the entirety of the game with little to no information from my team, other than maybe one or two other people. In the grand scheme of things, it's obviously not the biggest deal. They're not throwing, they're not being a troll, and "running it down mid". I eventually find out, at one point or another in the game, that they're voice/chat muted by either a friend of theirs in the game, or with a friend/party request.

Now here's the dilemma. Once I'm in the party chat, either I instantly regret it, or I eventually regret it. Sure, maybe I get a few callouts that help us win the round a couple times, but most of the time I just end up leaving the party chat a little more annoyed than beforehand. The reason being, is that they were voice/chat banned for seemingly a pretty good reason.

I love that Riot is trying to punish people who use slurs or offensive language. However, the way that they're going about it causes more issues than it solves. In a game that is based on good information, and a need for a constant stream of that information, bans and restrictions like this do barely anything to punish someone. If they can just invite you to their party and continue to comm, what are they really losing themselves? Coming from a MOBA like League, understandably they have to be taking cues on discipline from that.

But that doesn't work. A competitve shooter, that is reliant on immediate and valuable communication, cannot work as well as it should when bans like this exist.

In my opinion, instead of handing out voice/chat bans, hand out scaling bans from ranked play. Nobody is going to learn unless you actually lay down the law a little bit.

What are your thoughts?

2020-09-25 09:45


agreed, banning voice to someone because they got reported for toxicity or something is not a good ban. it penalises the teammates actually since voice is very much needed in such games.

ban them from ranked for a week or two, they will learn the lesson
2020-09-25 09:55
steel | OSCUR

Maybe not a week, but start with 24 hours and go from there if further reports come in. You don't want to over-do it, otherwise people with just start making other accounts and doing the exact same thing.
2020-09-25 10:03
Yeah I think part and parcel of playing in a ranked environment is having good comms. Having awful comms is essentially just griefing your team so forcing them to be silent probably isn't helping anyone in the long run. Very short ranked bans for toxic comms is the way to go, 24 hrs, increase it by a day or two each time.
2020-09-25 10:20

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