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time localization
Hi. I'm on NA Eastern time and we've entered winter(standard) time since about 2 weeks ago and thespike is still using summer(daylight saving) time apparently. The countdown time is fine but the localized time is still one hour ahead. Not sure if other countries that practice daylight saving time are having the same issue. Can we fix that please? Thank you very much! <3
2020-11-20 15:29


TenZ | Kurapika
I was wondering why all the times were off.
2020-11-20 15:36
Ya currently we need to add 1 hr to the time or just look at the countdown hopefully it can be fixed soon
2020-11-21 12:41
hey Kiya233, can you dm me on Discord please? None of our team is experiencing this so I would to investigate this further if that's ok with you. my discord is hex4 | THESPIKE.GG#0610
2020-11-21 03:23
sure friend request sent
2020-11-21 12:41

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