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Sen disband
2021-12-06 17:31


Zombs is defenitly done
2021-12-06 17:46
Zombs is clutch on the defensive side however, he needs to frag out more tbh. Maybe it is time to buy out Dephh from XSet like they bought out Tenz from Cloud9.
What are your thoughts??
2021-12-06 17:55
Because Dephh plays both Astra and Viper, Dapr can focus on playing cypher and killjoy, and even possibly learn a new character when redesigning their team.
But only if they buy out Dephh ... highly unlikely but it is an option.
2021-12-06 17:58
They already had to shell out a million for Tenz and idk if they're ready to buy out another player as a company.
2021-12-07 05:59
ScreaM | hex4
wonder if Rawkus gonna stay coach 😅
2021-12-06 17:59
I feel like Rawkus needs more time because there were a lot of individual mistakes by the players in the games against Furia, Liquid, and KRU. A couple of months isn't enough to display that decision in my opinion.
2021-12-06 18:07
But who knows, it may happen tbh
2021-12-06 18:08
sinatraa | AryannSharrma
Kick TenZ and zombs. Get sinatraa backa and a Smokes player. SicK needs to play Skye more and ShaZ and sin can play Sov and duelist.
2021-12-06 18:22
Honestly i feel like SEN didnt make much mistakes throughout the series but rather KRU just really stepped tf up. Not to mention Rawkus was only coach for a month and its not like he was a seasoned veteran in the coaching scene. This was his first time coaching. If your a SEN fan the most you could do right now is trust the process.
2021-12-07 05:57
sen didnt make mistakes COPIUM
2021-12-08 14:45
Lol @ people thinking a support player is the problem.

Tenz to 100T. Sell or trade for Asuna+money it doesn't matter. (He doesn't make sense going anywhere else tbh--Nadeshot/100T would love the Tenz circus anyways)
Pick up a duelist or better yet someone thats flexible and can fill multiple roles.
Rotate duelist role or divy out time as needed.

Zero reason for a dedicated duelist on a roster these days.
2021-12-07 06:12
theyve got good pieces, they dont need a change rn ngl
2021-12-08 14:52
I think the biggest reason they didn't play well is because of how overconfident they always are. If they want to be the best, they have to carry on practicing and playing 110%, you can't just become complacent and expect the other teams not to surpass you. If anything, being considered one of the best teams in the game so far, you're gonna have a bigger target on your back than the underdogs, so you might even have to work extra extra overtime to not get bested. Also they seriously underestimated KRU, they just thought "ah it's already won, it's Brazil, easy peasy" and we saw how that one ended. Love what I'm seeing from the EMEA teams tho, let's go EU <3 Honestly, this champions has been amazing, all the different regions coming out with some great plays, super entertaining content so far. And at the end of the day, whether your org is based in NA or Europe or Antarctica, doesn't really matter, it's about the players and the thousands of factors that affect each person's performance that day when they get on the stage. Thankful we get to watch all this entertaining content 😎
2021-12-08 19:27

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