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I wanna take my profile
how can i take my profile (519) when i look at my profile i cant see my stats but when i search 519 nickname i can see my stats how can i take back?
2022-01-20 20:24


There are 2 different types of profiles.
1) User profile. You use this one to do community predictions and make comments on posts etc.
2) Player profile - this type of profile is controlled by admins and if you want to change any info you need to dm someone to do it. You can't access to edit information.
2022-01-20 21:59
Hey there 😃
How do you DM an admin without creating a new Topic ?
2022-01-27 10:11
ScreaM | hex4
join our Discord and message us there if you need
2022-01-27 10:24

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