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zeek |
FUT is an aim-heavy team with good midrounding but i'm afraid their lack of
set plays and what often seems like poor preperation might come back to bite
them in the Final.

I was excited to see FUT perform here as i haven't seen them play for a while.
honestly didn't really watch any of their games prior to the tournament so
wasn't sure what to expect (except for qw being cracked).

*FUT vs Falcons*

Honestly not a lot to say about this one.

1. Falcons didn't pose a lot of a challenge
2. FUT played a very basic game without doing anything funky

they had good coordination and surely outaimed Falcons in most cases.

*FUT vs A.Titans*

Futbolist picked Haven and they definitely had reasons as they just looked
better than Titans on every front. not by a huge margin but still, there
was really nothing titans could do to suprise them.


then we went to split wich seemed like qw's playground. Titans put up a good
fight but in the end but again FUT was just a tiny bit ahead at all times.

really hard to point out anything specific about them at least from the
first two games.

*FUT vs Vitality*

First was Haven again picked by FUT, but vitality had some nice strats ready
as they seemed to know exactly what FUT would do in almost every round.
they lose 4-13 and need to win on Vita's pick now.


on ascent FUT gained a huge adventage after the first half as they were 11-1
up, but i think they just kinda fell asleep on the attack as Vitality
destroyed them 12-0 and took the game.

a game they will have to forget because a loss like that should never be the

*FUT vs A.Titans*

a rematch i wasn't interested in, but ultimately enjoyed it a lot.

we kicked off on icebox and it was the same thing as always for AT. they
pick reyna, wich limits their util and makes their defence extremely easy to
read. FUT knowing what they're up against counter them without issues and
play a flawless defensive half.


on fracture FUT played a weird comp with even weirder results.
They played neon with raze and to add onto that - a cypher.

now me personally, i love the cypher pick on fracture BUT right now chamber
just provides way more util and while raze and neon are both great here,
I'd say you shouldn't play them both together and get some info gathering
tools instead.

and with that comp they were up 7-5 on defence and even got to 9-5 after
the start of the second half, but ultimately weren't able to execute onto
sites succesfully, probably partially because of the lack of info they had.


last but not least - breeze. qw1 was making the neon look real viable here
and in the end some nice plays from him and a few well coordinated rounds
led to a comfy 13-7 win for FUT.

*FUT vs Case*

the first BO5 of the tourney and i'll repeat what i said in the post about

all 3 maps, FUT had so much map control it was crazy. wolfen was getting
outaimed by at least 4 out of 5 players from FUT and the rest of case was
not able to keep up as well.

althought haven took an ace from Qraxs in one of the last rounds to close
it out, i'd say even without it FUT wins the series eventually.
2022-08-05 06:59


THUKYDESSS | ArmandVanHelden
FUT in 3 dont @ me
2022-08-05 09:32

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