Number of headshots after maps
Posted byRomania DJSlimmy

Scrolling through the site, I noticed a lot of headshot percentages stats for players, but I could not find the actual number of headshots of a player. I am not sure if I am not familiar enough with the site and I cannot find them.

Wanted to ask if maybe, for Valorant matches, after each maps, next to the KDA stats, there could also be added a headshot stat. I know there is already a hs%, but was curious if something like Kills(hs)/Death/Assits could be displayed in the final scoreboard, for each map.

As an example: Player: 20(7)/16/8 - Kills(HS)/Death/Assist.

I think this would be easier to digest for the average viewer, rather than only having the HS% available.

Looking forward to your response,
Thank you!
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