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Sad Titans
zeek |
and we say goodbye to another team from the VRL finals, it's Angry Titans in 4th

It's a team with good fundamentals that doesn't make huge mistakes, but
their opponents seem to always be half a step ahead. some of their team
comps and agent distributions need work but they got a fan in me after this
tournament for all the fun i've had while watching their yoru, phoenix
or cypher plays.

Angry titans, for me, were an unknown team coming into this thing.
The only thing i heard about them was "they aren't the worst team,
they can upset someone"

*A.Titans vs Flacons*

Haven was a quick game, a 5-13 loss without any real gameplan shown by AT.

Saving strats maybe?

Bind was... something for sure. they decided to pull out the yoru, and while
at first it seemed to be a bad choice as Bipo wasn't doing much for the
first 5 rounds or so, after he warmed up a bit he was a clear MVP.

Falcons seemed lost in the world of our Japanese friends and once again,
my favorite proplay agent shines bright on bind. also i think this game
might pave the way for more teams to pick up yoru as AT has shown you don't
need to be PRX to be good at it.

Breeze didn't have much to write home about as Falcons picked jett AND reyna.
it was GG go next from the start so i barely paid attention.

overall not a bad game from AT, but Falcons aren't the biggest challenge.

*A.Titans vs FUT*

first we had them meet on haven where titans looked better than vs Falcons
but not as good as they had to be.

what i'd love to see for them here is a raze. Against FUT they ran
fade+kayo wich while good is just not at the same level. also overall i
prefer Raze over Kay/o on this map.

on Split i have another comp issue - Bipo on breach. this guy who was a
beast as a yoru is now gonna play an initiator?

worst part is, they have great fundamentals. it's a team that doesn't make
obvious mistakes that you see and immeadietly go "Oh my god! What are they
doing! they're throwing!". it's just that their opponents are always this
tiny bit better...

*A.Titans vs Case*

on Bind the yoru of Bipo struck once again, but this time not to that extent.
In the end some nice plays from fall and wolfen were enough to secure the
win for case.

now the other two maps is where the fun ends.

i was hype for haven as AT pulled out a cypher and... Phoenix!
they also ran jett at the same time.
unfortunately it backfired and i'm gonna double down on my raze proposition,
as they got blasted 13-2...

on icebox they went for their usual coinflip with picking reyna, and the
Reyna of lime didn't deliver going -9, final scoreline 13-3 for case.

*A.Titans vs FUT*(2)

i was curious to see whether they learned anything from their first FUT game.

we kicked it off with the icebox reyna pick, no suprise as AT lose 6-13.

qw1 popping of a few times as well as their stubbornness to keep going
middle led them to a mediocre attack half ending in a 6-6 scoreline.

since icebox is an attacker sided map they won nothing of defence, the
aggresion with the reyna is easy to predict and very 2020'ish, FUT just knew.

On fracture it just seemed like neither team knew how to attack often
coming into sites from only one entry on full buy rounds.

but ultimately AT was more coordinated and i think FUT's weird comp might've
fired back a bit. (Althought AT also picked astra to be fair)

On breeze at the start FUT was giving sites away for fairly free while AT
had great postplants, but as FUT started holding onto the sites more
aggresively the trouble began.

titans could only time their entries right half the time wich led to a
lackluster half ending in a 6-6 scoreline. Now on defence they started with
a very passive stance, wich changed after a timeout but they overdone.

it was that lack of another layer that got them here. once they got
aggressive they didn't stop while earlier they were always passive.
Fut read it and just waited for them to push in the last 2 rounds.

phew... this was a long one. felt like writing i guess.

player thoughts:

Bipo - give this man all the duelists. His Yoru is so good he should just be
the star player of this team, taking all those roles like raze, chamber ETC.
also wouldn't be suprised to see him get picked up by a bigger org.

hearthbeat - probably the most underwhelming performance. he's solid but
could be replaced by almost any other player with a similar role.

Lime - i feel like he could benefit from a role switch with Bipo on most
maps. He doesn't look comfy on duelists and it would also take some pressure
off his shoulders.

Eppz - was very solid this tourney, had some nice plays. a solid 6 or 7/10.

AFoxx - just doesn't put up the numbers a chamber should, but he is not bad
overall. another players who i'd love to see on other agents.
2022-08-03 16:11


zeek | tamas1n
is that the longest one so far?
i think i'm getting burned out a bit lol
2022-08-03 16:12
good job though
2022-08-03 17:47
THUKYDESSS | ArmandVanHelden
two more days, hold on soldier..
2022-08-03 18:15
zeek | tamas1n
yeah just 3 more teams left lol
didn't even start with FUT tho' at least i've got vitality's and case's first games summed up already at least
2022-08-03 19:06
ABATMAN | Rainyy
awaken the writer within yourself, u can do it
2022-08-03 22:28
zeek | tamas1n
"good... good... let the writer flow through you..."
2022-08-04 04:45

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