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Team Vitality
zeek |
wanted to post before the final and then make a seperate post just for the final game as well.

Vitality's midround calling has been great and Cender with BaddyG has
been in form lately. they are looking real strong coming into this final and
i'm looking so forward to it.

Vitality is THE favorite. if they don't win it'll be a local tragedy at
their HQ. The only voices i heard before the tournament was that Vitality
has to go big here and I always agreed (and used to say excel could beat
them lol).

*Vitality vs Tenstar*

first was Vita's pick - Icebox, but it seemed like they weren't all that
ready for this map for some reason.

after a few rounds it seemed like they run out of set plays and pre-planned
ideas and got both outaimed and outplayed by tenstar leading to a 8-13 loss.

Also i just wanna add - I will never accept reyna as a viable agent, never did
and never will and don't understand why teams pick her for some reason.
Comfort picks is my best guess.


on Bind it looked like they were completely lost hence the 2-13 scoreline.

They couldn't handle Tenstar's constant pace switches when defending sites
and never found a clean way to retake... or even win a round to be honest?

just plain awful, also H1ber was missing this whole game.

*Vitality vs Excel*

on Excel's map, Haven, Vitality seemed to have a great time.

they kept everything under their control, and althought the final scoreline
was close (13-10) it never really seemed like they should lose here. but
there were some rounds where they made minor mistakes wich cost them a lot
so it certainly wasn't a perfect game.


Ascent was Vitality's map, but after excel showed some great valorant on it
against case - it was anyone's game.

but it turns out that, unlike case, vitality would switch up their
playstyle every few rounds while Excel seemed to be very stale.
it led to Vitality taking an 8-4 lead at halftime.

but somehow they let it slip away after some poorly coordinated rounds on
defence and lost duels. It's worth noting their defence looked mediocre
at best.

in the end Excel managed to get into overtime but once we hit
round 26 the game was over and vitality was the victor with a 14-12

*Tenstar vs Vitality*

Breeze was Vitality's pick, and it was easy to spot. Tenstar looked lost on
the defence and althought they tried their best on the attack Vitality just
read the game very well.

we've also seen some amazing sheriff plays from bonecold and a few great
rounds from the rest of the team


Bind was an absolute rollercoaster as Vitality was unable to adapt to
tenstar's attack at all.the sides switched and Vitality, after losing pistol
round, goes on to win 11 rounds in a row and take the series 2-0

just shows their mental fortitude and how unfazed they are by whatever the
opponents are doing. they will just play as if every round is a new game
and they have to win.

*Vitality vs FUT*

FUT decided to go to haven and that is when vitality's longest standing
player stepped up. Cender after being so far pretty mediocre, stepped up
massively going +18 over the course of the series.

And most of it came from his performance on haven wich was jawdropping at
times. Not to take anything away from bonecold and his calling, every
rotation was smart and the site takes were well executed as well.


And vitality picked ascent but as we all know, turkish teams are pretty good
on ascent. FUT won 11-1 on the defence but it's vitality they're up against.

and the mad bastards have done it again! 12 round is a row and they take the
series 2-0, an impeccable defence half from them with cender and baddyG
continuing their great performances from map 1.

*Vitality vs Case*

i'll do this one quick, Case was looking poor on maps 1 and 3 because of
their most important player not delivering to the level he was delivering to
before - and they had no backup plan ig.

for map 2 i'll just copy what i said in the case post:
"Haven was an example of Vitality's poor map pool i guess. Case looked good
there as usually while Vita was lacking in terms of good executes on attack
and made some poor rotations on defence and lost."
2022-08-05 06:59

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