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Anger joins Charlotte Phoenix to replace Flowers

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Smaller esports organizations are seeing VALORANT as their opportunity to make it big, and while many are trying, Charlotte Phoenix have been arguably the most successful. Their roster has participated in many tournaments so far, and has hung with some of North America’s best amateur teams in tournaments like the Pittsburgh Knights Invitational. William “sh0ts” Griffith led a team in the Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Launch Showdown, and Charlotte Phoenix have even been confirmed for the Pulse Invitational, alongside Tier 1 organizations like TSM and Cloud9. A few days ago, it was announced that Marco “Flowers” Sotelo had been released from the organization’s VALORANT team. His replacement has since been announced as former Team iBUYPOWER and CompLexity Gaming CS:GO player, Todd “Anger” Williams.

Anger has been competing in Counter-Strike games as far back as 2007, but in 2013-15 found himself on some truly big CS:GO teams: Team Curse, Team iBUYPOWER, CompLexity Gaming, and Luminosity Gaming. He participated in many important tournaments, but was only able to take one home, ESEA Global Finals Season 15 with Team iBUYPOWER. In the last few years, Anger has been a semi-pro and streamer with Mythic. He’s taken up VALORANT, and hence his signing by Charlotte Phoenix.

“I am really excited to get back into competitive play as I took a long break from playing CS:GO professionally. VALORANT has breathed new life into me and I’m looking forward to grinding for a chance at titles with the team. I’m back and here to stay. I will get back to performances I once had and will be a force within the scene,” Anger said for his announcement with Charlotte Phoenix.

In VALORANT, Anger has participated in several big tournaments, most notably the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Invitational with Team Sonii and the Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Launch Showdown with Team fl0m. His outings have so far been unsuccessful, but even his name brand alone more than makes up for that for an organization like Charlotte Phoenix.

And that might be the most important part of this signing. For Charlotte Phoenix, an organization still establishing themselves, signing a big name like Anger is undoubtedly worth it. It will get people excited to watch them, and put them even further ahead in the pack of teams trying to use VALORANT to slingshot their success.

Charlotte Phoenix is now:

Adam “Spirit” Wills Corey “ChurmZ” Koch Justin “Ksaize” Goszczynski William “sh0ts” Griffith Todd “Anger” Williams

Justin “Metapusher” Wilkes (Coach)


Top 5 maybe in NA. Good player for this organization.
2020-06-21 22:37
there is someone from familiar fps game?
2020-06-22 05:08
c4Lypso | m1nac
My boy Anger. Lets go!
2020-06-22 11:29

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