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CGN Esports return to VALORANT, sign CE Calling

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The German Organization, CGN Esports is making a return to VALORANT with a full german squad, signing CE Calling as the roster that will mark their reentry into the FPS game. CE Calling had quite a good run in VCT Stage 2 Open Qualifiers in which they qualified to the event where they fell short to runners up Team Liquid.

The roster will be lead by Benjamin "BennY" Domgörgen, who has a wealth of experience over the past year in VALORANT. He even trialed with BIG for one event in late February. BennY will likely be the teams main duelist, as he excelled in that role in the past. The team will be coached by both Sebe+ and Kapio, a former star 1.6 CounterStrike player himself, with wins in IEM II, IEM III Global Challenge Dubai, and IEM IV European Championship Finals.

The coach Sebe+ revealed that CE Calling was created with the intention of becoming CGN Esports, "We created CE Calling (CGN Esports Calling) as a teaser project. Now that we are sure about the roster we are ready to reveal it." He also talked about the age of the team, and that it will not deter them from becoming the best, affirming their belief by saying “We want to give the roster time, as the players are still quite young but we set our eyes on becoming the best team in our region (DACH) and a top 10 team by the end of the year,molding ourselves into a dark horse/contender to win titles within the next 6 months.

CGN Esports will field:

Benjamin "BennY" Domgörgen Leon "Leon" Roesberg Gianluca "xTribune" Oehme Kenny Gauthier "Luc1d" Kühlmann Rene "Shazeon" Cappel

Sebastian "Sebe+" Kruft (Coach/Head of VALORANT) Navid "Kapio" Javadi (Coach)

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