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CREW Espor announce a six-man VALORANT squad

by NANA 2020-05-09

CREW Espor is the second organization from Turkey that decided to open a VALORANT division. The organization was founded in 2008 and started with the teams in popular games such as League of Legends and CS:GO.

“We were looking for the players who are not only individually skilled but also have the team spirit and thieve to reach success. Once we felt that we finally discovered the squad that is meeting our requirements, and have good chemistry with each other, we decided to take them on board,” tells us Kerem Eraslan, CEO of CREW Espor.

Remembering their roots, the Istanbul-based organization acquired the players who were previously active in CS:GO as well as in Zula, which professional scene in Turkey was the most developed among all European and Middle East countries. CREW Espor as the second organization on the VALORANT scene, has decided to sign a six-man roster. The team is led by the captain, Şafak “Pyraana” Alasulu and the rest of the members are Umut “Spixy” Ateş, Onur “Todes” Akça, Metin “Marjiua” Demirci, Zeynel “Zeey” Yalçin and Fatih “Bayashi” Canpolat.

“Since VALORANT is Riot Games’ title, we are confident about their support for the growing esports scene of VALORANT seeing how supportive they are for the League of Legends scene and the organizations that are competing there. We want to be ready once the official competitive tournaments are launched and we will try our best to dominate the professional scene,” continues Eraslan.

“Our goal is to reflect our own style into the game that will work for us as a team. With this being said our ultimate goal is to be a leader when it comes to the international competition,” adds the captain of the team, Şafak “Pyraana” Alasulu.

CREW Espor roster consists of:

Umut “Spixy” Ateş Onur “Todes” Akça Metin “Marjiua” Demirci Zeynel “Zeey” Yalçin Fatih “Bayashi” Canpolat Şafak “Pyraana” Alasulu


Is there a coach or all of them are players?
2020-05-10 11:15
All of them are players!
2020-05-10 22:22

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