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ec1s joins Ninjas In Pyjamas while akukhoS takes a break due to injury

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After several rumours, Ninjas in Pyjamas have confirmed that Adam "ec1s" Eccles will be joining their team while akukhoS will be taking a break due to his wrist injury that have been going on since VCT Stage 1. In fact, during VCT Stage 2, NIP had to add a stand in, vicious, as akukhoS couldn't play more than 1 map in each game.

ec1s, the ex-IGL of Team Liquid before being replaced by Jamppi, will be joining the Ninjas on the same role taking over akukhoS since the Belgian veteran was also the IGL of the team. ec1s played till VCT Stage 1 with Team Liquid where they had some disappointing results since they didn't qualify to Masters. After that he had two mix teams, Benchwarmers and most notable, NoPoaching. With the latter team, ec1s managed to win the EPIC.LAN EPIC.LAN - #33 Online where they won 2-1 over M4LIK. During this event, he was focused on the Sova and Skye agents gaining a 1.20 Rating, 221 ACS, 1.47 K/D and 146.9 ADR.

With this change, Ninjas In Pyjamas will be:

Emir "rhyme" Muminovic Charles "CREA" Beauvois Egor "chiwawa" Stepanyuk Yaroslav "Jady" Nikolaev Adam "ec1s" Eccies Kevin "akukhoS" Droolans (injured)


-dev1ce +ec1s
2021-07-13 10:04
MOLSI | tamas1n
good pickup for NIP while they wait for aku to come back, might even be a good permanent pickup but we'll see
2021-07-14 06:26
who is akukhoS?? i only know ex6tenz
2021-07-23 08:07

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