Equinox Esports make tex signing official

written by Germanicus January 27, 2021 at 4:30pm
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It was inevitable given his performances over the last few tournaments, but Equinox Esports have announced the signing of Ian "tex" Botsch to complete their 5-man roster.

Equinox announced that tex would be standing in for them at the NSG x Complexity Invitational, and to say he’s surpassed expectations would be a massive understatement. tex has burst onto the scene in a way almost no one else has, top fragging in nearly every map he’s played with the team and practically single-handedly turning their trajectory around, even helping them reach 9th place on THESPIKE.GG’s North American rankings. He led the NSG x Complexity Invitational in Rating, ACS, and ADR, and took second in ACS and third in ADR at the NSG 2021 Winter Championship. Equinox placed fourth in both events.

"It feels great to finally have a fair chance to prove myself to the scene. I’ve been in the FPS scene for quite some time now with CS:GO, but finally being able to perform against top-tier teams and show people my potential is an unexplainable feeling. Joining Equinox feels like a dream; I’m incredibly blessed for this opportunity. This is my first professional contract, and I won't let it to go to waste," tex said in the official announcement.

"We are thrilled to have signed tex for a variety of different reasons. He's a player that already has a massive amount of skill and game sense, much of which is credited to his rich FPS history in CS:GO. But, maybe even more important than that, are his intangibles: He's a player that communicates effectively, stays positive and has already made a huge impact on our team's culture in the short time we've trialed him. In the end, we think we've struck gold with tex, and we're excited to continue letting him shine," Connor Knudsen, Director of Competition at Equinox Esports, commented.

tex has helped Equinox to big things already, and with his signing made official, he and the team can concentrate entirely on getting good results in the upcoming Stage 1 of the VALORANT Champions Tour, kicking off on January 27th.

Equinox Esports are now:

United States David “DXN” Nguyen United States Jake “Paincakes” Hass United States Danny “cutefatboy” Nguyen Vietnam Kevin “mina” Nguyen United States Ian “tex” Botsch


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