Evil Geniuses add 8th player to VCT 2023 roster

written by dogukansaridemir January 20, 2023 at 9:23am
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Evil Geniuses, one of the partnered teams taking part in the VCT International Leagues, announced the addition of Max "Demon1" Mazanov. The newest player will be the team's 8th roster addition for its VCT 2023 lineup.

Evil Geniuses expand to an 8-player roster

On April 21, Evil Geniuses completed its roster by signing Corbin "C0M" Lee and Vincent "Apotheon" Le. Then, Evil Geniuses, formed a 7-player VALORANT roster on November 11, 2022, by adding Ethan "Ethan" Arnold from NRG Esports and Brendan "BcJ" Jensen from XSET, despite already having a full 5-player lineup. On January 19, the number has increased all the way to 8 players with 20-year-old Max "Demon1" Mazanov joining Evil Geniuses.

Demon1 started his VALORANT career in February 2022. Until now, he has not been a part of a professional esports organization. The American player participated in several C-Tier tournaments with sqn 2.0.

Evil Geniuses didn't have the success they wanted last year. They finished 5-6th in the VCT 2022 - North America - Stage 2 - Main Event and failed to earn a ticket to VCT 2022: Stage 2 Masters - Copenhagen. Following that, they failed to qualify for VALORANT Champions 2022 after finishing in 7th-8th place in VCT 2022 - North America Last Chance Qualifier. Evil Geniuses will be looking to turn things around during VCT 2023 as they aspire to be one of the top teams in the Americas, sporting a young roster in the League.

Evil Geniuses will take on Team Heretics in their first match with an 8-man roster on February 15 at VCT 2023 - LOCK//IN.

Evil Geniuses 2023 roster looks as follows:

United StatesKelden "Boostio" PupelloCanadaJeffrey "Reformed" LuUnited StatesAlexander "jawgemo" MorUnited States Corbin "C0M" LeeCanadaVince "Apotheon" LeUnited StatesBrendan "BcJ" JensenUnited StatesEthan "Ethan" ArnoldUnited StatesMax "Demon1" MazanovUnited StatesChristine "Potter" Chi (Head Coach) United StatesJimmy "LiN" Lin (Assistant Coach)


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