written by Germanicus June 3, 2020 at 6:35pm
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Now that VALORANT has officially launched, it would make sense that more organizations would be willing to get into the scene. One of these is Portuguese organization GTZ Bulls, as they’ve announced their roster.

GTZ Bulls are notable for their participation in the Portuguese local scene, especially for their competitive teams in Counter-Strike and League of Legends. They will be hoping this can continue with their representation in VALORANT.

The five players announced by GTZ Bulls are captain Diogo Pinto “dixon” dos Santos, Mário “rvsk0” Antunes, Frederico “Fr3d0” Ribeiro, Valdemar “rockefellerboss” Rogerio, and Eduardo “inkued” Seco. Each of them has semi-professional gaming backgrounds: dixon in CS:GO, rockefellerboss in Counter-Strike: Source, and rvsk0, Fr3d0, and inkued all in Overwatch. Dixon actually played on K1CK Neosurf’s Counter:Strike roster in 2017, making him the most notable player in this group.

In comments to THESPIKE.GG, a representative from GTZ Bulls said: “We have high expectations for the roster. We knew some of the players already from Counter-Strike. As regards to VALORANT, we have high expectations for the game as well, since it began with such a strong audience initially and has only been growing since then.

Already quite a successful team on the local scene, GTZ Bulls will be looking to their new VALORANT roster to do the same, and perhaps bring their organization even wider recognition.

GTZ Bulls' roster is:

Portugal Diogo “dixon” Santos Portugal Mário “rvsk0” Antunes Portugal Frederico “Fr3d0” Ribeiro Portugal Valdemar “rockefellerboss” Rogerio Portugal Eduardo “inkued” Seco


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