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Ignition Series comes to Brazil with an announcement of the Gamers Club Ultimate

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The Ignition Series is debuting in Brazil with an open qualifying tournament - Gamers Club Ultimate. With the organization by Gamers Club and the sponsorship of the Bank of Brazil, the first official Ignition Series tournament in the region has a maximum capacity of 256 teams.

Registration opens on July 8th, 2020, and two days later the teams will be randomly assigned in two brackets. On July 11th, the tournament will start with the first bracket, and all rounds up to the qualifying round will be Best of One (Bo1). The qualifying round (Round of 32) will be Best Of Three (Bo3) and the best 16 teams advance to the next stage of the tournament. Day after that, on July 16th, the same scheme will be followed, and another 16 teams will qualify for the Closed Qualifier that is planned on July 13th.

The Closed Qualifier will be officially broadcasted. This phase will be played in Best of Three (Bo3) format, single-elimination brackets. The best 8 teams qualify for the Main Event.

In the Main Event, the 8 qualified teams will be once again randomly assigned in two groups: A and B, each with 4 teams. On July 17th, Group A will play a double-elimination Best of Ones (Bo1) format, where the two best teams (the winner of the winners bracket and the winner of the losers bracket) will qualify for the Grand Finals. On July 18th, Group B will follow the same scheme.

On July 19th, the semi-finals will kick off and will be BO1 where the winner of the winners bracket from group A will play against the winner of the loser bracket from group B and vice versa. The grand final will be BO3 with a prize pool of R$20,000 BRL (~ $3800 USD).

Tournament Format for Gamers Club Ultimate Main Event / Gamers Club
Tournament Format for Gamers Club Ultimate Main Event / Gamers Club

Tactical shooters in Brazil are very popular and the players have proven to be of international level. Since this is a totally open tournament, withdraws in each playoff phase to avoid favoritism, looking for the best in the region, it is not surprising to see a strong support it is having.


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