NASR Esports announce their VALORANT team

written by Mostafeto November 6, 2020 at 11:0am
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We recently saw YaLLa Esports announce their VALORANT roster, and another notable organization in the MENA is joining the tactical shooter’s competitive scene, NASR Esports.

The United Arab Emirates-based organization revealed their roster participating in the ongoing Strike Arabia - GCC & Iraq Qualifier competition. NASR Esports is now home to Mohammad "ShawateRR" Yousef Alda’san, Khaled "Alvar" Abdallah, Amjad "beAst" Anwar Al-Belbiese, Baha "B4HA" Mohamad Oqap, and Abed "SpY" Doughan. They have the VALORANT Middle Eastern Tournament CocodrilosGG 2020, REALISTIC MENA Tournament, and the Xentric VALORANT Summer Games by Xentric Gaming 2020 titles under their belt.

alvar was a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, who represented Chosen5 during his career, in addition to playing with NASR Esports as a substitute before. He won the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arab 2016, Snipers Gaming Center tournament 2015, Pro League Gaming Jordan 2015, Explosion Gaming Center Tournament 2014 and D2 Network Games Tournament 2014 during his career before transitioning to VALORANT.

beAst played both CS:GO and Overwatch semi-professionally. He was part of alvar’s team in the aforementioned competitions, playing in several tournaments together. As for his Overwatch career, he managed to win the WESG Jordan 2018 and 2019, as well as the Que Club MENA and Last Resort Cup.

© Riot Games
© Riot Games

B4HA competed in Apex Legends semi-professionally for Power Gaming, peaking individually as the 16th player in the world rankings for Season 2. His achievements include a 1st place finish at the Medallion Gaming Tournament 2019, in addition to 4th and 5th place finishes in the ALGS Online #3 Middle East & Africa 2020 and Strong Esports Kill Race Tournament 2019 respectively.

ShawateRR has the most diverse skill set out of the bunch, having played both League of Legends and CS:GO semi-professionally. His achievements include a 2nd place finish at Jordan Games Week CSGO 2016, and 1st place in the Challenge Gaming Center League of Legends Tournament 2014.

Last but not least is SpY, who represented Spotnet in the Middle Eastern region for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, playing alongside alvar and current OG player, ISSAA. He won the 2018 and 2019 iterations of the Lebanese Gaming Championship, as well as 961Gamers CSGO Championship 2018 and 2019 consecutively.

“We are extremely excited about VALORANT Esports and as with all games, NASR always looks to sign the best team in the MENA region. Our research pointed to this roster, we also know Alvar as he has been a substitute in our CSGO roster for some tournaments in the past.”

“We are very excited about Valorant Esports and are confident that RIOT will do a good job growing it as they did with League of Legends. As NASR ESPORTS our ambition is to showcase MENA talent at the global level so we will be aiming to be a top 30 team in the world,” commented SungWhan “Hwanni” Kim, NASR Esports’ team manager and coach.

NASR Esports’ VALORANT lineup consists of:

Jordan Khaled "alvar" Abdallah Jordan Amjad “beAst” Anwar Al-Belbiese Jordan Baha “B4HA” Mohamad Oqap Jordan Mohammad “ShawateRR” Yousef Alda’san Lebanon Abed “SpY” Doughan


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