NCBz Esport announce a VALORANT team

by NANA 2020-04-24

Despite being in a closed beta phase, VALORANT continues to spread a lot of attention around itself. After knowing the brief plans of its esports scene, the organizations keep joining with a variety of players that previously completed in other FPS games. As VALORANT keeps growing worldwide, more companies decide to introduce their brand new rosters. Recently another French organization, NCBz Esport revealed that they are expanding to VALORANT.

NCBz Esport is an organization that has been present on the French esports scene since 2017. They became known for their Fortnite and Trackmania divisions as well as hosting activities, during various esports events held in France, such as Paris Games Week. As the organization claims, they also focus on the development of the female esports scene, with a wish to provide them a fair field of competition in an industry dominated by male gamers.

NCBz Esport always had the French speaking players under their wings, not only from France but also from Belgium and Switzerland. When it comes to their newly established VALORANT squad they decided to follow the same pattern by signing a five-man squad with all of the players coming from the domestic, French scene. The team consists of members with previous experience in Fortnite that are Maxime “EnygmatiK” Debuire, Franck “Novaa” William's and Geoffrey “KLM” Gossioux. While the remaining two players, Nicolas “Doni” Pascuzzi and Steven “Jinkz” Lethuillier, have played CS:GO in the past.

The team is all set for the upcoming tournaments and ready for all of the challenges that are waiting for them in the VALORANT scene. As NCBz Esport is the second national team from France, it might be interesting to see them competing nationwide with the previously announced squad of Exceptis.

NCBz Esport lineup consists of:

Maxime “EnygmatiK” Debuire Franck “Novaa” William's Geoffrey “KLM” Gossioux Nicolas “Doni” Pascuzzi Steven “Jinkz” Lethuillier

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