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Noble sign a South Asian VALORANT roster

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Not that long after Noble Esports picked up their North American squad, the American organization looked to expand their boundaries with a South Asian roster. The new team includes Indian players Harsh "Harsh" Arora, Tejas "Rexy" Kotian, Simar "psy" Sethi, and Rahul  "t1to" Sridhar, who team up with Sri Lankan, Shakir "hikkA" Razak.

psy is the most popular member of the new squad, only recently shifting to VALORANT. He has had a storied history in Counter-Strike, playing with Entity Gaming for the past three years. In his time with the Indian organization, he pulled in three ESL India Premiership Winters in a row and had runner up spots in his Summer runs of the Premiership.

The duo of t1to and Rexy are also former Counter-Strike players, playing and building chemistry together for over a year, most notably with Global Esports, where they were one of the best duos in the Indian region.

Harsh was also very competitive in the area, playing in multiple Counter-Strike ESL Indian Premierships. The 19 year old exclusively played with JHS, where he was a consistent star with big ambitions, now moving to VALORANT.

Like Harsh, hikkA was also a star player for his squad in Counter-Strike, playing for ZeGg, he managed to pick up many regional wins in Sri Lanka, and competed at the highest level in South Asia. In VALORANT, he is one of the biggest prospects, averaging an insane 304 ACS in TEC Challenger Series #1.

The new line-up is one of the first international rosters to enter VALORANT in the region, who seem to already be setting up exciting and growing viewership. With more servers arriving soon in India, the game can only grow more. Noble seems to be doubling down on this region with their VALORANT recruitment coming only days after picking up a head of operations for the South Asian area.

The roster are set to rival the likes of Velocity Gaming, competing in the TEC Challenger Series #2 at the end of this month.

Noble's South Asian lineup consists of:

Simar “psy” Sethi Rahul "t1to" Sridhar Tejas “Rexy” Kotian Harsh "Harsh" Arora Shakir “hikkA” Razak


2020-09-15 19:17
I don't have numbers but, India is definitely invested in Valorant.

And just scroll through you'll see India has quite a few... And crazily enough there's no Indian servers:
2020-09-15 19:55
I mean I know, I helped edit those pages, but Noble should focus on one region, bc one of their teams will suffer, whether its India, or America, and I think their American team will get the short end of the stick, its not like they are a massive org like t1 or c9 and can have teams in multiple regions, plus their Indian team will probably get better results in India then their NA team will get
2020-09-16 15:54
2020-09-15 20:04
KOLER | fallguyspro
Doesnt noble alr have an NA team? Do they have 2 teams now?
2020-09-16 01:10
"Not that long after Noble Esports picked up their North American squad, the American organization looked to expand their boundaries with a South Asian roster."

literally first sentence 😅
2020-09-16 02:28
ez 4 f0rsaken
2020-09-16 02:29

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