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Nora-Rengo acquire 4qu1la and Temple

by NANA 2020-05-17

After announcing the first two players of the VALORANT squad with CS:GO and Call of Duty backgrounds Minoru “yasu” Takeda and Yuta “UYP” Mima, the Japanese organization Nora-Rengo revealed two additions to the team.

Last time THESPIKE.GG spoke to Yasuhiro “Kizoku” Nishi, Founder of Nora-Rengo we were teased about the possible new players of the team: “When it comes to the next members, players that were successful in Overwatch and have a proven track record may join Nora-Rengo”. However, the organization has decided to sign with the players experienced in the Valve’s shooter, CS:GO. The new members are the former teammates of AiGnu, Daichi “4qu1la” Sonobe and Souma “Temple” Murata. Both of them played this year in the Gamer’s Dream League 2020 and achieved second place in the competition. In addition, 4qu1la played previously also for teams such as HWML and TeamBlackEye.

With this being said, Nora-Rengo is now missing only one more player and a coach that the organization wants to acquire from abroad. We are curious to see if the organization will decide to take on board the next members who have proven CS:GO record or rather will go for someone who was competing in Overwatch professionally.

Japan currently doesn’t have their own servers. The players are practicing on the South Korean server that is the only one available server in the Asian region right now.

Nora-Rengo roster is now formed by:

Daichi “4qu1la” Sonobe Souma “Temple” Murata Minoru “yasu” Takeda Yuta “UYP” Mima

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