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Opinion: Is the current Operator meta ruining competitive games?

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In the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, AWP players are considered an invaluable asset to their team. However, it comes with its cons to the person handling the gun, as it punishes its owner if he doesn’t get value out of it due to its highly expensive price. VALORANT players have been complaining about the game’s meta being heavily influenced by the Operator for the past few weeks, and Riot Games have already taken notice of their feedback.

During T1 x NSG Showdown, 100 Thieves VALORANT team captain Spencer "Hiko" Martin expressed the difficulty of countering teams on defensive rounds with Operators. Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom echoed his concerns, and considering this is coming from one of the best CS:GO players in his time, it will continue to plague the competitive scene if it persists.

What makes the Operator so powerful in its current state is how deadly it is in the hands of the right person, with very little cons of using it outside of its expensive price tag. This goes back to map design and the lack of any movement speed punishment if you miss your shot. It especially brings us to Hiko’s statement, as it is not uncommon to find VALORANT teams even taking two or three Operators, if their economy allows, to hold angles. There are so many locations on VALORANT’s maps where attacking players don’t stand a chance against an already scoped Operator.

From a defensive point of view, if you are holding an angle, you have a considerable advantage over your opponent as even if you miss, you can easily exit their line of sight with immediate normal speed. This brings us to VALORANT’s map design, as most maps have a lot of corridors and straight line shots, which give Operator players almost uncontested vision of their opponents. The simplest example is the long pathway to Haven’s C site, as players perfectly line up for you to take them down with almost nothing in their hands to challenge an Operator defending the location.

In CS:GO, AWP players are punished with slowed movement speed so it is easier to pick them off and there is much more utility to block their vision. However, in VALORANT, the number of flashes and smokes to counter Operator players are limited and based on the characters present in your composition. These can all be used to deny line of sights and have a more balanced gun fight up close when using regular weapons.

VALORANT Lead Character Designer, Ryan “Morello” Scott, already acknowledged the professional scene and competitive community’s concerns regarding the Operator meta. However, he clarified Riot Games’ approach to the topic is to continuously monitor the situation, and since VALORANT is still so young, everything in its competitive play is still evolving.

Do you believe Operators are currently too strong in the VALORANT competitive scene? What changes would you like to see introduced to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!


The best thing to do is to put the possibility of buy ONLY 1 operator per team.
2020-07-19 10:47
It is so hard to restrict team's purchasing restrictions, I highly doubt that's the way to go as every team sometimes have their own game strategy they want to pull off.
2020-07-19 11:15
Yeah definitely, they either have to do something about OPs or utility to counter it.
2020-07-19 12:12
wrong, people still do not use utility correctly to deal with them, they dry peak, get killed, and then complain.

Viper is barely used yet she has a wall that can cut an entire site in half, if not 2, you have agents that can literally point and click exactly where they want smokes allowing you to rush in and push an OP back or risk dying to rifles up close. You have flashes, you have sova drones. You have other walls

but no, people dry peak, or place 1 smoke down, and die, and complain. Its actually a joke that this circle jerk of fussing has continued
2020-07-19 14:06
2020-07-19 18:03
2020-07-19 20:36
I think this comes with the game being young and players still learning the hotspots of Operator players. But again, as I said in another comment, you simply sometimes need your utility used in more important instances than just pushing Operators out of place. Your point is completely valid though for sure.
2020-07-20 10:15
2020-07-22 04:49
2020-07-19 16:23
All the simplifications on movement, and lack of flash and smoke on every character from counter strike make outplaying OP in this game so much harder than in csgo
2020-07-19 19:59
Yeah, it's simply lack of utility... 2 flashes, smoke and a molly on CSGO are good counter measures but, Valorant has agents with other unique things so... Maybe have to nerf OPs power a bit or movement till more viable agents come available. idk...
2020-07-20 00:03
You CAN flush Operators out of their place in some instances but one of the problems lies in teams running more than one Operator which means even if you deny one of them a clear line of sight or push them out of place, you will have another one you'll have to deal with. Another thing is that you simply sometimes need your utility used in more important instances than just pushing Operators out of place
2020-07-20 10:14
The only nerf I can think of thats not overkill is blurred vision while moving.
2020-07-20 00:31
blurred vision is a bit difficult to implement but maybe a movement speed punishment when scoped in or less instaneous accuruacy or movement speed punishment if they miss during the reload animation
2020-07-20 10:12
problem is, if they add an agent with both smokes and flashes, they will be meta forever so with regards to a utilities solution, it won't be an easy one to come up with. let's see what RIOT will do
2020-07-20 02:14

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