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Reita: Finally, the time has come to fight

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ZETA Division is dominating the Japanese VALORANT scene. They’ve won consecutive titles in Riot Games’ Ignition Series.

Many Japanese VALORANT fans admire Oshiro "Reita" Ryu, the attacker of the Absolute JUPITER. At the ”RAGE VALORANT JAPAN TOURNAMENT” which was held from August 1st to 2nd, he fascinated VALORANT fans all over the world with his plays on Jett using the Bucky and the Operator. Japanese people call him a “High-Rank Ninja” because of his overwhelming and mobile power. Due to his fascinating plays, he received THESPIKE.GG’s MVP.

This time, we had an exclusive interview with him in order to reveal his secrets.

Absolute JUPITER's Reita.
Absolute JUPITER's Reita.

Congratulations! You are the champion of the RAGE VALORANT JAPAN TOURNAMENT! How are you feeling?

Thank you. I am very happy about it, but I am more relieved that we won this official tournament after the previous RAGE invitational event.

During all matches, JUPITER did not use Sage at all, even though it is a trend in Japan. Could you tell us the reason for that?

Because we just thought we could fight without Sage. We might use it in the future though.

What was remarkable about this huge tournament was that so many players used Jett. How do you evaluate her?

Jett is useful if you are a sniper. I often use sniper rifles, so I personally think it is a must pick.

In the semi-final, you played against your rival team BlackBird Ignis from the CS:GO scene. What did you feel when the match-up was determined?

Finally, the time has come to fight.

In the 15th round of the semi-final against them, you got a triple kill with the Bucky. That was brilliant. Do you love to use it?

Thank you. Honestly, the Bucky is too strong with a cost of 900. It was nerfed one time, but it still can be a very strong weapon if you use it in a good way.

In the final you faced against SCARZ, just like in the Fiveness Japan Cup VALORANT 2020. JUPITER lost that match. Did you prepare how to win against them?

Yes. We prepared counter strategies and got information from other tournaments in which they participated.

Jett's ult is difficult to use, but you used it perfectly in the 11th round of the final on HAVEN. Could you give us some tips?

I use it if I cannot buy weapons and if I want to save money. During matches I use it when opponents are going to rush or when it is hard to use sniper rifles. Actually, you can get the ult points relatively easily, so you do not need to care if you could not kill opponents.

You also have excellent flick shot techniques. But it requires high skill. How do you practice the sniper?

Honestly, I do not practice it often. Sometimes I shoot bots and play ranked matches.

We heard that you bootcamped one week for RAGE. How was it?

We practiced to ease problems. We could not improve all issues, but I think it is better now than before.

Lastly, do you have any message to your fans?

We won our second consecutive title. Thank you for your support. There will be plenty of VALORANT tournaments, so please continue to support Absolute JUPITER.

Most people agree that JUPITER is the no.1 team in Japan. Numerous teams are playing under the slogan “winning against JUPITER”. We cannot wait to witness what JUPITER is going to achieve in the Japanese scene where they are surrounded by many motivated teams.


We were totally fascinated by him. Can't wait for the next tourney.
2020-08-11 07:11
Yeah! Can't wait to watch their plays.
2020-08-14 11:06
he has a yt series called 'road to hokage' in which he is training w/ Jett starting as a genin I believe. jp twitch chat is full of naruto references when he plays which is funny
2020-08-11 10:39
You know it very well! Haha
2020-08-14 11:06
Very good player and very good team. Watched a few matches from them in the jp tournaments and they completely outclassed their opposition.
2020-08-11 11:22
Yeah they've been playing together for years on CS so they have good synergy together as well
2020-08-11 11:50
Thank you! I hope my team JUPITER will achieve great things in EU / NA scenes as well.
2020-08-14 11:08
Huh, is Valorant popular in Japan? CSGO is pretty dead afaik.
2020-08-12 11:09
Yeah, VALORANT is way more popular in Japan at the moment.
2020-08-14 11:08

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